The Traveling Horse Is The Star Of Voyagers

Of the life goals that people often set for themselves, the wish to travel and see the world must be one of the most desired.

But many people don’t see as much of the world as they would have liked. Yet many also find themselves traveling around the world as part and parcel of life even though they never asked for it.

After all, traveling usually requires one to dig into their savings unless they work for an employer who sends them around the globe on a regular basis.

Sometimes, it is fate that a person would be doing a lot of traveling throughout life… maybe for overseas assignments, family matters, or simply because they have been presented with a lot of opportunities to travel.

And the traveling horse star (驿马) present in an individual’s bazi would indicate that these traveling activities were already mapped out the moment he was born.

Discovering the traveling horse star

The traveling horse can be identified be referencing the day or year branch of your 4 pillars, and seeing if it resides in any of the pillars.

Day or Year Branch Traveling Horse (Yi Ma)
E1 E3
E2 E12
E3 E9
E4 E6
E5 E3
E6 E12
E7 E9
E8 E6
E9 E3
E10 E12
E11 E9
E12 E6

Legend of the symbols can be found here.

For example, if your day and year branch is E5 and E7 respectively, then the traveling horse star would be E3 and E9. If E3 or E9 is present in your 8 characters, then you are deemed to have this particular symbolic star.

It indicates that you would have various opportunities to travel overseas (or long distances) for work, leisure, or even migration.

A traveling horse star can also be indicated by the zodiac year in which a person was born.

Zodiac Traveling Horse
Rat, Dragon, Monkey Tiger (E3)
Ox, Snake, Rooster Pig (E12)
Tiger, Horse, Dog Monkey (E9)
Rabbit, Goat, Pig Snake (E6)

Don’t for a moment that the decision to travel is a choice.

Because for a lot of people, it isn’t. This might be due to financial reasons, personal commitments that that don’t allow them go on holidays, or that work commitments simply require them to stay locally at all times.

These reasons are not as unheard of as some might imagine. They are in fact, very common.

Someone blessed with the traveling horse would also be adapt with lots of movement, which can imply that he or she would be ideal in careers that require them to be mobile.

It must be noted that having a traveling horse star in your birth chart is not all good.

Dynamic interactions with other characters

This is because the horse can be moody sometimes, and once it starts to gallop with power, those that stand in it’s way can be bulldozed about. It can also get into an aggressive rearing posture unpredictably.

For this reason, when the traveling horse is present with another symbolic star of positive connotations such as a favorable flower of romance, it can potentially destroy all the good that comes with the latter.

And when it encounters a bad star such as unfavorable solitary star, it can further aggravate the negative effects that the latter brings.

If it is in conflict with the self-element, then it can be deduced this person might always be on the move throughout life and find’s it difficult to settle down at one place.

When the traveling horse is not present in bazi but arrives from the luck cycle, it implies a period of relocations, extended periods of time away from home, and even having a home that don’t feels like home.

More details can be identified when the 10 gods are incorporated into the bazi reading of someone with a traveling horse star.

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