Types Of Eyebrows In Face Reading

While Chinese face reading consist of a lot of facial features that tell something about a person, the 5 main features of the face that carries the most weight are the face shape, eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows.

A lot of people cannot see a biological purpose for the eyebrows.

Some scientist insist that it’s our body’s way to stop sweat from the head from irritating our eyes. Wiping sweat off the brows are so simply instead of from the eyes.

But that is like saying our pinky finger is our body’s answer to digging our nose. πŸ˜€

But eyebrows sure play an important part in communication and body language. They seldom lie.

And maybe… just maybe… it’s meant to convey a message about your life.

In general the shape, size and type of eyebrows you have is associated with the relationships you have with others throughout life.

This can be in the form of friends, family, colleagues, mentors, benefactors, enemies, thieves, etc.

And they can consists of aspects such as happiness, peace, friendship, betrayal, harm, etc.

It also serves as an indication of one’s character, especially in the sense of how they view and approach life.

As there are so many types of eyebrows in Chinese face reading, this article is often updated to include more information and pictures.

Take note that it’s totally possible for someone to have eyebrows consisting of features of more than one type of eyebrow.

One-Word eyebrows

The one-word brow is pronounced as yi zi mei (δΈ€ε­—ηœ‰), or one-character brow, and is such named as it describes eyebrows that are horizontally straight shaped like the mandarin character for one (δΈ€).

Those with this straight-shaped eyebrows are straightforward and like to put everything about themselves on the table for others to see.

They have little to hide. And even the things that are embarrassing can be left as open information.

This also indicates a person who is confident and has a strong assurance about himself or herself to make his or her own life decisions. It won’t be easy to persuade one about something he or she don’t agree with.

Procrastination is never a problem as they can seldom stay still even for a few minutes.

The ability to focus is one big advantageous personal trait.

Eight-Word eyebrows

The manner to identify eight word eyebrows (ε…«ε­—ηœ‰) is the same as one word eyebrows.

The eight-character eyebrows would look like the the mandarin character for eight (ε…«).

They are sloped with the lower area near the temple.

People with this type of brows have empathy and seldom gets angry for the mistakes that others make.

They lean more towards being observers than action takers.

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They are tolerant and forgiving as they know that anyone can be prone to errors.

This is because they understand that holding back can do more for the greater good, especially when the fortunes of a group is concerned.

However, some people might find that they are too grounded to be of much fun to be with.

Dragon eyebrows

Dragon eyebrows (ιΎηœ‰) have a balanced shape, broad, long, and are supposedly shaped like a dragon.

They are subtly attractive to most people and are more often than not, belong to naturally charismatic people.

They have strong virtues of justice and can seldom be swayed towards things that are generally immoral or politically incorrect.

An innate ability to filter out the noise from interactions to identify the gist of things make them more than capable of taking on leadership roles.

You can expect one to be smarter than average and logical when you meet someone with dragon eyebrows.

Lion eyebrows

Lion eyebrows (η…ηœ‰) are thicker than average, long and curved. Some might call them bushy.

Those with this type of eyebrow are natural leaders, courageous and respected among their inner circles. Maybe a cue was taken from the lion king.

They are charismatic and often think of the greater good rather than being self-centered. This often garners them followers wherever they go.

An honorable character makes them trustworthy. And you can depend on a lion-browed individual to keep his to her word.

Wealth and power are written in their destiny. However, realizing that potential is a whole other matter.

Longevity eyebrows

Longevity eyebrows (ε£½ζ˜Ÿηœ‰) can be characterized with long brows that have smooth curves.

They don’t look thin or thick and have a healthy appearance to them.

Be mindful that they are so called not because people who have them would live a long and healthy life, but because of it’s appearance and a life of little stress.

This does not mean that there are little significant life challenges. It just means that they manage stressful situations better than most. And wouldn’t allow problems to suck the life out of them.

Longevity brows denotes wisdom, studious and intelligence.

Thus, they are often able to appreciate the simple things in life and see their beauty in a way that others cannot.

Broom eyebrows

Broom eyebrows (ζŽƒεΈšηœ‰) are brows that start slim and slowly grow broader like a broom.

When the slim end is on the side of the head near the temple, it’s a front sweep broom. The inverse would result in a back sweep broom.

People with such eyebrows tend to find it hard to retain wealth. Even if they make a comfortable personal income, keeping that money can be a huge challenge.

An emotional personality also means that they don’t always make the most pragmatic decisions.

Not someone you would want to place a bet on.

Interlocked eyebrows

Interlocking eyebrows (δΊ€εŠ ηœ‰) refer to the linking of both eyebrows, effectively cutting off the life palace (space between both eyebrow) on the face.

While I have seen these types of eyebrows in real life, getting photographs of them is not as easy as it sounds.

So I’m left with the most famous worldwide celebrity with such an eyebrow feature to show as an example.

People with single-line eyebrows tend to be often victimized in life. They can meet with problems after problems and never getting a break from it all.

A lot of these life issues are self-created. And that only encourages others with bad intentions to target them even more.

They make great friends as they easily put their trust on people around them.

Long eyebrows

When the length of the eyebrows are longer than the width of the eye, it is generally considered as a long eyebrow (ι•·ηœ‰).

It goes without saying that most people would fall within this category. Remember that it’s perfectly normal for your eyebrows to fall under more than one type.

It just means that your brows reveal more about you.

Those with such eyebrows are generally down to earth, cordial, and risk-adverse.

So it can be a real headache to convince someone with such brows to take a risk on something.

Short eyebrows

As opposed to long eyebrows, short eyebrows (ηŸ­ηœ‰) refer to eyebrows with lengths shorter then the width of the eye.

People with short eyebrows have their behavior mostly influenced by their head rather than their heart.

They also tend to be solitary individuals whose actions are motivated by self-gain without a care for the carnage their acts can cause.

You’d want to be on the good side of someone with short brows.

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