Feng Shui Implications Of Unequal Double Leaf Door

Even if a new homeowner has no attachment towards feng shui, choosing a door can be an activity that he puts considerable thought into.

This is because whether it’s a main door or a bedroom door, it is a fixture that we look at and touch every day. They are simply unavoidable in any normal day.

In modern times, we are overloaded with so many choices in terms of doors.

Some of the popular ones include:

  • French doors
  • Flush doors
  • Dutch doors
  • Pocket doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • etc

One design that is also pretty popular is the double leaf door.

There’s just something grand about these types of doors with wide openings that gives it the majestic look. This is even though most people would only be using one side of it for entry and exit.

For this reason, the reason that most home owners know that they would practically be using only one side of a two leaf door, some choose to go with unequal double leaf doors.

Instead of having two leaves of equal sizes which swing open at the center, these types of doors have leafs that are a mismatch in size.

It serves the purpose of providing a big opening via the big leaf for daily use, and the smaller leaf that can be opened when a wider entrance is required. Such as when moving bulky furniture into the premises.

But unknown to many, unequal double leaf doors have negative symbolism and can cause family problems when afflicted.

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Like the arched door way, this is a problem with it’s form more than anything.

Unequal double leaf door symbolism

This type of door has the Chinese nickname of zi mu men (子母门) which literally translates to son-mother door. This is in reference to the contrast in size and authority of both leafs.

From the door looking out, when the left side is bigger than the right side, it represents that the husband would experience tendencies to stray from the marriage. It might attract third parties into the relationship and induce extra marital affairs.

When the right side is bigger than the left side, it represents women in relationships becoming single. This can be due to divorce, death of husband, abandonment, etc.

Saying that, this is only bad feng shui when the area is afflicted.

It does not mean that a household would suffer from such issues by default as soon as this type of door is constructed.

To err on the side of caution, homeowners can avoid choosing unequaled double leaf doors and go for equal leafs instead. Or avoid such types of doors altogether and select a regular strong wooden door.

If the door is already installed or cannot be returned, then one can only hope that the area does not suffer any energy afflictions in any way.

One remedy to this problem that is widely practiced in East Asia is by placing 5 emperor coins at the undercut (gap between door and floor) of the smaller leaf.

This cure is supposed to alleviate the associated problems when such doors are installed and afflicted by sha chi.

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