What Feng Shui Has To Say About Choosing Your Wallet

The wallet is a personal item that we carry around wherever we go. And it undoubtedly and instinctively represents wealth and money.

It is probably the one item that spends the most time with us… after the smart phone.

For this reason, it should be something that we pay some special attention to just like how we like to dress up our cellphones will lavish casings and protect them with shockproof screen protectors.

Yet the truth is that our wallets are often neglected so much that some people might be too ashamed to admit it.

But don’t worry. It’s never too late to feng shui your wallet… or replace it with one that is feng shuied.

There are basically three approaches to practicing wallet feng shui.

  1. Astrology approach
  2. Elemental approach
  3. Manifestation approach

The astrological approach concerns using bazi analysis to determine what colors represent different life aspects and whether they are favorable to the owner.

The element approach concerns applying the concepts of the elements as described in feng shui to choose colors and even implement basic numerology to a wallet’s design.

And the manifestation approach is about basic practices and casual rituals to harness positivity.

To properly feng shui your wallet, a fusion of all 3 is suggested.

However, that does not mean that just sticking to one of them would be fruitless.

It’s just like the feng shui of a house.

There are numerous concepts of geomancy in practice. But to enjoy the benefits of chi, sometimes just sticking to one concept is more than sufficient.

Astrology approach

The fundamentals of bazi destiny analysis centers around the self element and it’s strength in relation to the other characters within the 4 pillars.

It is one of the most complex methods of profiling and it takes years of practice for a master to be proficient in it.

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Thankfully, you do not need to be a veteran bazi reader to apply it’s theories on your wallet.

The primary role of bazi in this respect is to determine a favorable feng shui wallet color according to date of birth.

For this exercise, all you need to do is to identify what is your self-element. After which, you would be able to determine what different colors represent different aspects of life to you, personally.

For example, a person with the self-element of earth would have the following description:

  • Earth represents friends
  • Metal represents intelligence
  • Water represents wealth
  • Wood represents status
  • Fire represents resources

With this in mind, once you decide which aspect of life you intend to enhance, choose the color that represents that element.

For easy reference, below is a table for all 5 self elements

Self Element
Status Resources
Wood Wood Fire Earth Metal Water
Fire Fire Earth Metal Water Wood
Earth Earth Metal Water Wood Fire
Metal Metal Water Wood Fire Earth
Water Water Wood Fire Earth Metal

I’m sure that some smartass is going to say that elemental representations in bazi is different between male and female genders.

But take note their differences are related to people and the relationships between them and the individual.

Life aspects remain the same irregardless of sex.

Then there will almost certainly be another wise-guy looking over the smart alec’s shoulder to remind him of the 10 gods since we are discussing bazi.

Well… if someone is going so in-depth for something like wallet feng shui, then he’d probably be one who religiously faces his sheng chi direction whenever he makes payment at a cashier… even if he has to face the counter with the back of his head. That’s really close to a level of stalker-obsession here.

Let’s move on.

Once you decide on the aspect of life to focus on, which I would guess is wealth, then choose a lucky color associated by that element.

The colors that represent different elements can be referred to here.

So if someone has the day master of jia wood, then an orange wallet would help attract more money luck. A metal self element would go for a green wallet, while a fire person would maybe go for a gold wallet.

if you don’t have dollar signs as pupils, you might also consider using the color of the wallet to balance up your cosmic energy make up by choosing a color you lack or need.

For example, you could be someone with a very dry and hot bazi make-up, making a red wallet detrimental to your well-being. Therefore, the water element can help to cool you down and achieve a little more balance in life. So choosing a water color can be favorable to you.

You might also want to keep these things in mind if you are sending a wallet as a gift to a loved one.

Element approach

Using feng shui principles to choose a wallet color can be a tricky affair as this is a much more general approach to the selection of a color.


  • Green for wood represents health
  • Red and pink for fire represents auspiciousness and love
  • Orange and yellow for earth represents relationships
  • Gold and white for metal symbolize money
  • Blue and black for water represents wealth

This general association is the main reason why there are still practitioners out there who fiercely debate the practice of wallet feng shui… because these are too general with no personal specificity.

However, it must be said that purely from a cultural feng shui perspective, blue, red and gold tend to be the colors most associated with wealth luck.

However, we could also use a more creative approach to this.

For example, most of us have designated places where we leave our personal belongings such as the wallet. Should that particular space in the house require metal energy for enhancement or control, then having a white wallet constantly being moved about on a desk in that area can play some part in increasing the presence of metal energy in that space.

When this approach is invoked, then one has to also consider which directional sector of the house this space resides in and pay attention to the affliction of conflicting elements.

This is why for the choice of colors, going the bazi approach would help you avoid all these headaches altogether.

Manifestation approach

There are many practices and rituals associated with how to manage your feng shui wallet.

We will just list them down here.

Clutter is never a good thing to have in living spaces and in your lucky wallet. So make sure to keep everything organized, throw away junk like old receipts and movie tickets, and remove cards that you have not used for the last 6 months.

Fat wallets that are threatening to explode when something like a cactus is nearby can make one feel rich and powerful. But as with feng shui logic, there must always be space for more money to enter. So leave some empty spaces in the wallet.

Your wallet or purse must also be maintained in good shape. If you are not going to wear a tattered shirt out, why let your money wear a torn wallet about. It’s time replace ripped wallets with new ones. Especially when they get moldy… which can occur with leather.

Carry a wealth emblem inside. Maybe in the form of a gold plated card, a crystal of abundance, auspicious coins, red packet with an auspicious amount of money inside, or something that personally means good luck to you.

Keep the number of credits card to a yang number. This means odd numbers like 1, 3, 5, 9. Avoid 7 as it’s not a benign number according to the I-Ching.

Dollar notes should be properly organized. It would be best if you can also set them upright.

Finally, do be mindful that the shapes of wallets and purses are often rectangular or square.

These are forms that represent wood and earth respectively.

So it you have feng shui OCD, you might want to avoid a square wallet when earth is an unfavorable element to you. And stay away from rectangular ones when wood is a personal destructive force.

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