What Makes The Wealth Pot Different From Other Money Luck Attractors

There are various wealth-attracting items meant for placement or display in the home.

Some of them are based around using specific types of containers to keep money and valuables for manifestation.

Two of the more popular ones are the wealth vase and the wealth bowl. The former is meant to be hidden in a wealth location while the latter is meant for display in public.

In this category of symbolic feng shui, there is also the wealth pot.

We don’t see pots a lot these days in the modern household. But during ancient times, every household kitchen would have cooking pots for making meals.

Because Chinese families can have huge family trees and love social gatherings, a household (usually the wife) can often cook enough food to feed more than ten people consisting of several related family members. This is why sometimes these cooking pots can be huge in size.

They are used mostly to cook staple foodstuff such as rice, porridge, congee, soup, and even desserts!

As food is traditionally associated with wealth, the pot slowly became a symbol synonymous with this life aspect just like the rice urn.

The difference between the kitchen pot and the rice urn is that the pot is meant to contain cooked rice and the urn is meant to keep uncooked rice. The former is also meant be displayed in the cooking or dining area while the latter is meant to be stored in a dry cool place.

So while the rice urn is meant to represent always having reserves for one’s livelihood, the pot symbolizes having the means to spend.

Even though most people decide to choose either one of them, there is nothing that says you cannot have both!

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing and a wealth pot and placing it for display.

1) Material

When we discuss feng shui items that are meant to contain something, porcelain tend to be the material of choice. This is the case for the vase and urn.

But pots are traditionally made in metal. This is because it is designed to come into contact with flames from fire in a stove.

So wealth pots should be made of metal. Metal is also the element of heaven as it’s associated with the Qian trigram.

2) Shape

There are various amusing and fancy shaped pots that you can find in a modern feng shui store.

The one that you should go for is one that is the typical shape of an old-fashioned pot.

It’s shape should somewhat resemble that of a vase with a body, shoulder, neck and lip.

3) Size

Some feng shui masters advocate that the bigger impact a homeowner wants to harness in feng shui, that bigger items items should be used.

However, the size of your money pot should be relatively proportionate to the space that it is placed in.

The number of residents in the home should also be taken into consideration.

For example, if there are 4 members in the family, a pot that is the size meant for rice servings for 4 is appropriate.

Moreover, consider that you are going to fill up the pot later with auspicious wealth items. As pots can have quite a deep capacity, the larger your pot means that you would need to more items to fill it with.

So do restrain yourself from going overboard when selecting the size.

4) Items

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As mentioned in the previous point, you need to fill up pot with items to make it a property wealth pot.

Some of the common items to fill it with include:

Something not to forget is that unlike the wealth vase which has to be left partially empty, the wealth pot is meant to be filled to the brim. The more it looks like it’s overflowing, the better.

This is why pre-made and pre-designed wealth pots are usually already designed with a mountain of coins above the lip. This also implies that if your pot comes with a lid, the lid should not be used at all. Covering the pot would defeat the whole purpose of it.

It is also not uncommon for feng shui enthusiasts to have a focal items standing atop the hill of coins. Some of the favorites for this position is cai shen, 3-legged toad, golden rooster, pixiu, etc.

5) Wealth pot placement

The best area for placement of the wealth money pot is at the primary wealth corner.

Otherwise, any of the other alternative wealth areas can be appropriate as long as they reside in common living space.

The pot is not suitable for bedrooms, storerooms, or outdoors at the deck or patio.

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