5 Best Areas To Place Wedding Photos At Home

It’s almost a certainty that we would have a whole collection of wedding photos when married.

It’s a once in a lifetime event (for most of us) and it should definitely be documented with photographs so that we can look back at them to recall sweet memories.

The Chinese especially, have a common practice to go for photoshoots before the actually wedding ceremony itself.

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This is when the going-to-be newly weds don all types of costumes and clothing to take all types amusingly choreographed photos at all types of places.

These wedding photography services are in such high demand that it has become a whole market by itself. And we have yet to mention the pictures taken at the actual wedding and banquet.

As those who have tied the knot should be able to concur, there are probably hundreds of snapshots and images associated with their wedding. Some even goes into the thousands.

Yet we only select one, if not a few, to be framed and put on display at home.

But where is the best place for wedding photos if feng shui is a concern?

Wedding photo placement

There are actually quite a few places where the placement of wedding photos are appropriate in feng shui.

Some are directly linked to feng shui concepts while others are innovative ways to use the framed pictures for feng shui purposes.

Here are 5 of the best locations in the house.

1) Yen nian sector

According to the 8 mansions school of thought, the yen nian sector of the house is a space associated with love, relationships and family harmony.

This sector within the floor plan of the house is identified by determining the sitting direction of the property.

Once the sitting direction is determined, then the energy map depicting the 8 different sectors and 8 life aspects would be plain to see.

For example, if your house is facing northeast, it would be sitting on southwest by default. This gives us a Kun house with the below 8 mansions energy map.

The yen nian sector is indicated by the abbreviation “YN” in the illustration above. This shows the directional sector of northwest.

If this is a common space (with the exception of the kitchen) or the master bedroom, then wedding pictures can be placed on the coffee table, display cabinets, or hung on the walls.

The placement of family photos can also be suitable to promote harmony within the household.

2) Favorable mountain star location

In flying stars feng shui, every directional sector of a house would have a resident water star and mountain star.

For this method of wedding photo placement, any sectors with favorable mountain stars can be appropriate.

For example, if you have a home built in 2015 directly facing south, then the below flying stars natal chart would apply to the house.

The mountain star is the number observed on the top left corner of each of the 9 square grids.

In this case, the numbers 1, 4, 6, 8, 9 can generally be deemed as favorable stars. This indicates the sectors SW, center, W, S and NE respectively.

However unlike the 8 mansions concept explained previously, these areas would only be appropriate if they are quite areas with little activity.

Saying that, if a living room is located in one of these sectors, if the living room is generally a quite area in the house as no one uses it, then it can be a proper place for wedding photos as well.

3) Northwest and southwest

This is old-school feng shui.

The northwest and southwest are associated with the Chien kua and Kun kua respectively. These represents the patriarch and matriarch.

Feng shui masters all over the world often talks about how when secret affairs and infidelity occurs, it’s usually a big problem with one of these two areas, or both.

For example, if you suspect that your husband is fooling around outside, seeing a poster of a bikini model prominently exposed at the northwest sector can be the reason for this straying tendency. The saving grace is that it’s not a male model instead!

Wedding and family photos are therefore often used as a symbolic remedy to dispel energy that is creating havoc in the relationships at home.

If you want your husband to love you more, place wedding photos of the both of your smiling happily at the northwest. Conversely, if you find that your wife is entertaining the advances of a stud, place your wedding photographs and framed pictures at the southwest.

If there is no affair prevention purpose, then going with southwest is the location of choice between the two. This is because the Kun trigram is associated with relationships.

4) Hallway

The reason why hallways are intuitive home areas that feng shui practitioners suggest for hanging pictures and paintings is that these common areas can often be long and straight.

This can act as a highway for chi to move at a high speed. Thus, turning into sha chi.

So auspicious plants and wall fixtures such as family pictures are can play a role in helping energy traveling through the area to slow down and meander.

This same logic is applies to the…

5) Stairway

A lot of houses have stairways that are totally empty. Void of life.

This could be a purposeful play at a minimalist interior design concept.

But the walls along the stairway are actually good spaces to put up wedding pictures and family photographs too.

They make the surroundings more homely, helps to slow down energy, and receives yang energy from the constant movement long the stairs.

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