5 Types Of White Tiger Afflictions In Feng Shui

The white tiger is one of main stays in feng shui culture and is one of the prominently referenced symbols due to it’s place within the quartet of 4 celestial creatures.

When practitioners assess the feng shui of a property, the 4 creatures of tortoise, phoenix, dragon and tiger are regularly referenced. Especially when it comes to landforms.

But the white tiger is the one member among the 4 that often gets mentioned with a wary tone. You seldom (if ever) hear about people warning you about the dragon or tortoise. Yet we can often hear of warnings about the tiger.

This is because the tiger by nature is not submissive and cannot be controlled. So much so that even if you are able to cajole it into working for you, it will still turn on you when the chance arise.

When any of the 4 celestial creatures turn on a homeowner, the results can be total catastrophe. And the tiger with it’s moody temperament, is generally seen as the one most likely to instigate an uprising.

In terms of orientation, the white tiger is on the right side. And because the ancients have a liking to building their homes facing south, the white tiger is also a reference to the west.

There is a common Chinese saying 白虎穿堂, 家败人亡. Which can be literally translated to when the white tiger pierces the hall, total defeat and death will befall. This is a reference to the destruction that can arise when an energy tunnel forms from the right to left of a property that pierces the bright hall.

This indicates how seriously this aspect of feng shui has to be taken.

The white tiger’s is that of a guardian and has associations with wealth.

When the conditions are right for the white tiger to revolt, the afflictions are often referred to as bai hu sha (白虎煞). And homeowners must address these issues when identified. Here are some of the most common types of white tiger afflictions.

1) White tiger peeking (白虎探头)

This is a reference to the peeping tom sha. Just that in this instance, it is present on the right side of the house.

It occurs when there are 2 buildings on the right side (or west), one behind another from the perspective of the property in question. And the one behind is much narrower and slightly taller than the building in front. Creating an image that looks like a person’s head peeking behind a fence.

This can also be a reference to a right side with very hostile structures AND it is much taller and bigger than what’s at the left side (or east).

This affliction can cause bloodshed and wealth loss.

2) White tiger reaching (白虎伸手)

A reaching white tiger indicates a scenario when there is an embrace on the right frontal side of a house that is much longer and bigger than the left frontal side.

Like a crab with a right claw much bigger than the left claw.

This affliction causes setbacks to women.

3) White tiger opens mouth (白虎开口)

The white tiger opens it’s mouth when there is a big opening on the right side of the property.

This opening can be a gate, an elevator, a hole in the ground, or a structural arrangement that creates a visual of a gateway. Even a swimming pool or pond can be considered as a tiger’s mouth depending on it’s form.

This affliction brings backstabbers, betrayal, serious health problems, misfortune.

4) White tiger trapping (白虎下陷)

This is an arrangement that sees structures on the right side totally and physically dominating the structures on the left side.

For example, a 30-storey hotel on the right and a single-family house on the left.

The consequences of this affliction encompasses various aspects of life. And can be very serious.

5) White tiger pierces the hall (白虎穿堂)

This is a reference to an energy tunnel that pierces through the house as explained previously.

It is no exaggeration to say that white tiger afflictions can be some of the most ferocious types of sha qi in feng shui. And in serious cases, can cause total catastrophe. Especially in terms of wealth.

When possible, the afflictions must be resolved.

For example, if there is a huge sink hole in the ground on the right side of a property, then it can be covered up. When there is no hole, there is no open mouth.

Sometimes, there are no remedies that can resolve the problems. In this case, we have to seek to counter it.

There’s a good reason why it is always stressed that the dragon on the left should be higher than the tiger on the right. And that reason is that the only way to counter a tiger’s wrath wreaking havoc is to have a stronger dragon on the left. A strong dragon will be able to keep a tiger in check.

Different homes will have to use different ways to call on the green dragon. So there is no blanket solution that can address this for all homes.

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But it generally means a left side that is more majestic, more spacious, more height, more activity, etc.

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