How Wind Chimes Activate Good Luck And Subdue Bad Luck

The wind chime probably ranks number 1 as the most commonly used feng shui item by people who don’t know or don’t believe in feng shui.

This is because wind chimes are home decorative items with strong feng shui applications. This is as opposed to being a feng shui item that is frequently used as decorative items.

They can often make an area of the house that appear “empty” look and feel more complete.

Thus, they are often used as references by feng shui practitioners who emphasize the point that feng shui works whether one believes in it or not.

These products are rods (often made with metal) that are vertically hung from a string in close proximity to each other so that when a gust of wind blows, the rods would knock into each other. Causing a sound, or a chime rather, that can be pleasing to the ears.

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It can feel like the wind trying to communicate with you by using the windchime as a tool for it’s vocal chords.

So it is no surprise that windchimes are often used in zen settings like spas, meditation spaces, yoga rooms, etc.

However, it must be said that with the advancement of fabrication technology these days, good luck wind chimes can pretty much be found in all shapes, sizes, and materials.

For the purpose of feng shui, the classical types are the most potent.

The relation between wind chimes and feng shui practice

Because feng shui is about mastering the environment to tap on positive energy flow and putting a lid on negative energy, the innate placement of lucky wind chimes at windows and points of energy entrances like doors make it an ideal item for influencing energy.

On top of that, the most common material of metal is the ideal element for exhausting the two illness stars of 2 black and 5 yellow as in flying star feng shui.

This is because these two misfortune stars are of an earth energy base. And it’s nature is to go to work and energize metal when metal is present. Exhausting itself of it’s strength in the process.

The fact that wind chimes are meant to produce sound, and in some cases musical tones, makes it even more attractive for feng shui practice as this creates yang energy in the particular area when sound is produced.

This means when wind chimes are placed in a particular sector of a house for it’s metal energy, when the wind blows, the sound created by the wind chime serves to further strengthen the presence of metal.

Sort of like a lion roaring at the grass fields to announce itself.

Variations of wind chimes

If you are going to buy a wind chime or two for feng shui purposes, the last thing you’d want is to purchase one that don’t serve any feng shui effects you desire.

Of course, placement (which we would talk about later) plays a critical role.

However, getting one that is purely decorative is not going to work at all when place at the right place. It would be even worse if it actually works in powering up negative energy.


While the predominant material used to be metal, wind chimes come in various materials these days.

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Bamboo
  • Glass
  • Crystals
  • Ceramic
  • etc

So they can be used for invigorating the presence of not just metal, but also earth and wood energy.

It must be said however, that those made with material other than metal are creative “innovations” spun out of the classic metallic wind chime.

Common metal materials used include:

  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • etc

Manufacturers and designers must have thought that since wind chimes or bells are used for feng shui purposes by homeowners for it’s metal presence, it must also work for the presence of other elements based on it’s material.

I have to disagree on this one.

This is because I see wind chimes as home decorative items with feng shui applications, instead of feng shui items with home decorative uses.

So if feng shui is the focal point, then only metal chimes are useful.

I’m aware that some practitioners would argue against that. But that is my opinion.

Moreover, one the the main reasons that wind chimes are effective enhancers and suppressors of energy is the bold sounds that it makes. You are not going to get that with bamboo or crystal wind chimes.

Design features

A lot of wind chimes found on the market today come with carvings of symbols and words.

This is symbolic feng shui in practice.

If the symbols or words have health connotations for example, then the chime is supposed to call on that specific type of luck.

For example if motifs of red bats, pagoda or a phoenix is observed, then it is supposed to be used as an activator of positive energy.

And if Chinese words that depict longevity and good health is observed, it is used more as a suppressant of negative energy

So be aware of any carvings on the ones you purchase and ensure that you know what they mean.

Number of rods

The concept of the number of rods on a wind chime comes from the reference to what numbers mean according to the luo shu diagram and flying stars feng shui.

Each of the numbers from 1 to 9 have affinity with certain elements.

Because the numbers 6 and 7 are related to the metal element, they are often recommended for wind chimes as the goal of these chimes are to enhance the presence of metal element.

But since the number 7 can be associated with violence and aggression when used wrongly, the number 6 which has a more gentle nature is often the figure of choice for feng shui masters.

In the same line of thought, if you are using crystal wind chimes for it’s earth element, you’d go with 2, 5, or 8 rods. As 2 and 3 are bad luck, 8 is the suggested number to go with.

Bamboo wind chimes comes with wood energy. The numbers 3 and 4 are wood numbers. But one should go with 4 and 3 is a conflict star number.

Wind chimes placement

A lot of people don’t know how to use wind chimes for good luck enhancement and bad luck suppression.

Despite various areas of a home that might benefit from additional presence of metal element, the most popular use of wind chimes is for the suppressing of the detrimental effects that the 5 yellow star can impact a household and it’s residents.

It can therefore be hung in the sectors of houses where the annual 5 yellow resides. The locations, which is based on the particular year, can be found here.

However, what people don’t often talk about is how it is just as effective in chastening the 2 black.

The black star can be just as destructive to a household when left uncheck.

Just like the 5 yellow, it roves about from year to year. And metal wind chimes can help keep it under wraps.

Because of the yang energy that wind chimes bring as stated earlier, they serve as great activators that would benefit from activity.

For example, the white stars of 1 and 8 are often referred to as wealth stars. And they are most potent in attractive wealth luck when they take up the water star position as in flying star feng shui.

And windchimes located where they reside can help to energize them with yang energy.

In this case, metal chimes would work better with the 1 star compared to the 8 star as the former is water element based while the latter is earth element based.

Metal energy coming from the placement of the wind chime would vitalize 1 and drain 8.

This is why wind chimes is often used to activate the 1 star but for activating the 8 star, other feng shui items are suggested.

For example, a house with a natal chart of facing E1 in period of 8 would have the 1 water star situated at the north. This would be an ideal place for a metal chime even if it’s the front door area as it nurtures the white star 1 while the north is fundamentally water energy based as well.

Both of which are complimentary to metal.

Saying that, the placement of the metal wind chime will be suitable for any segments of the house that has a metal or water base according to the bagua.

This refers to the west, southwest and north.

Placement at the west would help create more positive personal growth for children and even improve fertility luck, positioning it at the northwest would bring about better relationship luck with friends and even attract mentors, and putting it at the north can enhance career luck.

What homeowners should definitely avoid is placing them at the east, southeast and south.

Placing metal wind chimes at the east can destroy relationships within the family by creating conflicts, wealth luck can be smashed when hung at the southeast, and recognition at work and at home can be adversely affected when placed at the south.

Finally wind chimes are not recommended for bed rooms.

Locating them in indoor common areas like the living room windows or outdoors like the deck and patio are more appropriate.

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