Xiao Wang Water Theory (Death and Elimination)

One of most practiced water theory for residential homes is the Xiao Wang water theory.

It is written as 消亡水 in Chinese and pronounced as xiao wang shui.

I refer to it as xiao wang water theory as it is how 消亡 is pronounced.

消 means elimination and 亡 means death.

When the two words are put together, in this case, the term xiao wang does not mean to eliminate death (which can be a good thing). But as two different words with individual meanings of elimination and death.

Thus, xiao wang water theory concerns what is referred to as elimination water and death water. Both of which are unfavorable to home owners and can lead to catastrophic financial loss.

This water theory involved the early heaven trigram arrangement (EHA) and the later heaven trigram arrangement (LHA).

It states that water “entering” a property from a specific trigram EHA direction must not “exit” the property from the same trigram in the LHA direction. And vice-versa.

If for example, incoming water approaches a house from a north direction which is Kun in the EHA, then if it’s outgoing direction is southwest which is the Kun location in the LHA, then bad wealth luck will befall the residents of the house.

The reverse would also hold true if water comes in from the southwest and exits from the north.

To put it into practice, both the EHA and LHA should be imposed on the house from a bird’s eye view.

It would then be abundantly clear how water is generally flowing within the vicinity of the house in question.

Observe the diagram below.

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  • The inner rim in dark blue represents the early heaven trigram arrangement
  • The outer rim in light blue represents the later heaven trigram arrangement

We can see from the illustration above that incoming water in the form of a stream approaches the house from the Chen LHA direction of east and exits from the Kun EHA direction of north.

Thus, there is no affliction of the xiao wang shui water theory.

It can also be said that water enters from Li EHA direction of east and exits from the Kan LHA direction of north.

In urban settings, water can take the form of traffic flow.

So if we the curvature of roads for a modern house, the same concept applies.

From this example above, it can be observed that “water” in the form of vehicle traffic flow enters the vicinity area of the house from the Ken LHA direction of northeast and outgoing water is from the Chien EHA direction of south.

Thus, there is no affliction again.

It can also be said that water enters from Chen EHA direction of northeast and exits from the Li LHA direction of south.

The below table allows for easier reference for identifying afflictions when applying the xiao wang water theory in the practice of feng shui at home.

Entry Exit
South East and Northwest
Southwest North and Southeast
West Southeast and North
Northwest South and Northeast
North West and Southwest
Northeast Northwest and East
East Northeast and South
Southeast Southwest and West
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