Xin Metal

Xin (辛) is the second metal character among the 10 heavenly stems.

It takes on the yin metal (陰金) attribute and can be said to have connotations to negative traits like suffering, pain and crime.

While geng metal can be represented by big metal objects like swords, xin metal is represented by smaller metal items like gold or silver jewelry.

Among the 4 celestial creatures, it is associated with the white tiger which is a symbol of descending energy.

Among the seasons Xin is linked to the middle period of autumn during the months of September and October.

It can also be a word to refer to the late afternoon and early evening of the day.

On the 24 mountains, it takes up a westerly direction on the compass at 277.5° – 292.5°.

In terms of body parts, it can be a reference to lungs and thighs.

When numerology is concerned, it is number 4.

Xin metal self-element

Those with Xin Metal as the day master often have great communication skills, intelligent, sensitive, and think too much.

They can also be moody and can often be sad for the smallest reasons.

Despite that, they are often attention-seeking. And when they don’t appear to be so, they would be craving for it inside.

This can sometimes reach an unhealthy level. Making their main motivations in life to achieve is based on how they want the people around them to perceive them.

They also have a tendency to over-react. This could be an act to gain more attention.

Whether they do this unconsciously is another matter altogether.

Because they are smart, they can often be persuaded to change their minds as long as the argument makes logical sense.

A sentimental nature means that they hold relationships in high regard and would be willing to make sacrifices to maintain relationships.

This also implies that they can often find themselves in huge dilemmas to choose between logic and emotion.

The relation of the elements to Xin Metal is as follows:

  • Wood – Wealth
  • Fire – Status
  • Earth – Resources
  • Metal – People
  • Water – Intelligence

We can look further into them by identifying the 10 gods.

10 Gods

Stem God
Jia Direct Wealth
Yi Indirect Wealth
Bing Given Authority
Ding Earned Authority
Wu Direct Resource
Ji Indirect Resource
Geng Competitor
Xin Friend
Ren Extrovert Talent
Gui Introvert Talent

More about the 10 gods is discussed here.

Xin metal in relation to other self-element heavenly stems

Self Element Xin Metal
Jia Given Authority
Yi Earned Authority
Bing Direct Wealth
Ding Indirect Wealth
Wu Extrovert Talent
Ji Introvert Talent
Geng Competitor
Xin Friend
Ren Direct Resource
Gui Indirect Resource
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