What Zodiac Signs Say About Your Staff (and those you want to hire)

As amusing as it sounds, zodiac discrimination is a real thing going on in some parts of the world.

Some business owners and hiring managers swear by this method of recruitment, some feel that it is ridiculous in the modern world.

While it is definitely only politically correct not to let a person’s horoscope determine their ability to do a job or an ability blend in, it can really bring chaos into the mind of a supervisor when he knows that a subordinate in the office is a personal nemesis according to the stars. And a particular staff might actually has the bad track record to prove it.

We often hear about business people screening their potential partners with bazi and zodiac signs. And most people tend to accept that it’s just another chapter of prudence in practice. But people tend to go up in arms when zodiac profiling is used to analyze staff and potential new hires.

Whether you let zodiac signs be a factor in your recruitment and selection process is really your own decision to make.

And if you have an open mind to how this works before conducting that interview, then here are some things that an individual’s profile tells about him or her.

Take note that we are discussing Chinese zodiacs which refer to the 12 animal signs. This is a subset of bazi which is a much bigger study of Chinese astrology. Yet there is still a lot a zodiac can tell about a person’s characteristics, traits and attributes.

For this exercise, the subject matter’s (the person in question) personal zodiac sign must first be determined.

Just take the date of birth of the person and refer to this lunar zodiac table to identify his or her animal zodiac sign.

Now that you have identified the zodiac animal, here is a brief run down of each zodiac sign in terms of work.

Rat zodiac sign

The rat zodiac is one that indicates a person who values friendship very highly. They always put friends above the job responsibilities.

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So you are going to have to tough time instilling a voluntary overtime work culture into them if they constantly have social activities lined up. This is assuming they have a large social circle. The smart thing to do is to encourage them to make friends with everybody at work… especially those who delivers more than is contractually required of them 😀

Friends are so important to them that even their families might even take a back seat.

Don’t be surprised to find the at the cafe socializing during office hours. It’s just in their nature.

On the plus side, any problems and challenges they face at work, they always have friends and acquaintances to help them find solutions. Even to release pent-up energy that has been building up from frustrations at work.

Female rats tend to excel better at information-intensive job positions. They are smart and often have the gift of the gab that allows them to negotiate their way around obstacles. However, being easily satisfied deprives them of the self-motivation to achieve great success. So they are not the best people to hire as high-level project managers.

The rat tend to make the best contribution to organizations as advisors and consultants.

Ox zodiac sign

A hardworking employee can be represented by the ox zodiac sign.

These are personnel who feels that putting extra hours and working every minute of every working hour is part and parcel of worklife.

This does not mean that they would be competent. It just means that they have no problem working hard for the company.

If an ox personality suddenly disappears in the midst of a friendly group chat at the pantry area, you can almost assume with certainty that he or she can be found back at the work desk resuming unfinished work.

They have an unmatched ability to take instructions even for the mundane tasks and start working on it ASAP… and keep ploughing away at it until it’s either completed or it’s time to go home. As long as you give the ox clear orders, you can bet that they are going to follow it to the letter.

Don’t expect them to take action of feedback as they have a strong personal opinion of how things are supposed to work.

These personality characteristics make them perfect for administrative work and repetitive operational activities.

Tiger zodiac sign

Individuals with the tiger zodiac signs are risk-takers.

Male tigers especially, tend to have an entrepreneurial spirit within them waiting to take charge of their careers and becoming their own boss.

While some types of job positions have jobscopes that frown upon an enterprising spirit, there are also some positions that would benefit greatly from such personality traits. Salespeople, real estate agents and insurance agents come to mind.

If you show them the intricate details and competitive advantage of your business, you might find yourself facing a new competitor in the marketplace one day.

Tigers are independent and have no qualms about going about their endeavors alone.

If you are able to build loyalty with tiger personalities, you can expect them to go all out to serve you and the company. But eventually, they’d still be driven by an innate nature to start their own business or simply be self-employed.

Rabbit zodiac sign

People blessed with the rabbit zodiac have a tendency to labelled by others as being “good people”.

Even though they have their own view of life and how things should be, they seldom (if ever) let their opinion be heard. This is partly because they constantly doubt themselves.

So they always exhibit the behavior of listening to others and hearing people out.

While this can frequently lead to indecisiveness, you’d have little to worry about whether they can survive. Especially in a messy and complicated workplace.

Whatever adversity rabbit personalities face, they would find a way. Either that, or they would have died trying.

They are also highly adaptable and flexible. Multi-tasking would be second nature. This can also mean that they can potentially moonlight.

Because of a social nature, rabbits build relationships with others all around the place. If you chase one out of the workplace by firing him or her, you can bet that this person would easily find a new job quickly for refuge. It can be at your most hated competition too.

Dragon zodiac sign

The dragon zodiac is probably the most popular zodiac among the 12 animal signs. After all, it’s a much revered celestial creature entrenched deep in Chinese culture all through the ages.

It can be difficult to pinpoint how such personalities work or who they really are as they constantly change.

This change can refer to a wide range of factors including the mood, appearance, habits, etc. There’s just a mysterious air about them that can make dragons difficult to predict.

Dragons also tend to have great imagination… which can lead to ideas that just seem too far fetched for reality. Yet we probably don’t need to be reminded some of the biggest ideas ever were conceptualized as ridiculous fantasies.

They tend to do best in corporation in corporate settings.

If you run a company and have a core team in charge of growth, having a dragon amongst your generals could reap great financial benefits.

Snake zodiac sign

People with the snake zodiac in their bazi are instinctively self-indulgent.

This can indicate diverse traits including confidence, arrogance, egoistic, self-centered, vain, etc. Which side of the person you see is really subjective and depends on how you perceive things.

The contradicting part about snakes personalities is that even though they value themselves the most, they prefer to enjoy the luxuries of success without doing the work demanded.

This makes them the best at roles of henchmen, personal consultants to high-level managers, deputy to department heads, managers or assistants to high profile personnel, etc.

In terms of work ethic, you are seldom going to find snake profiles going above and beyond what is expected of him. In fact, he might even come up short very often.

That’s not saying that they would fail in their endeavors. For example, a sales person who achieves a 90% sales target can still be making a valuable contribution to the company. Especially when he is working on a higher tier sales target.

You can expect employees with this zodiac sign to be mercenaries.

The world revolves around the snake according to itself.

This also means that one can never keep the mental state of the snake down for long. They are not going into depression when thing don’t go their way and would recover from emotional setbacks from the power contained in their inner-selves.

Seldom would you find a perpetually unhappy snake.

Horse zodiac sign

The horse zodiac tend to indicate a strong sense of loyalty within an individual. So you can usually depend on them to have your back instead of stabbing into it.

However, they tend to be more successful the further they travel geographically to pursue their careers. So they are the best candidates for overseas postings or taking charge of overseas markets.

This also means that hiring staff who have traveled a long way to seek employment can mean that they would do very well for you.

Horse personalities are also crazy persistent.

If they have a project to undertake and faces objections and obstacles along the way, you can bet that they would continue knocking until the door finally opens or when it really is game over.

Goat zodiac sign

People born in the year of the goat have the habit of thinking too much about problems and reading too much into subtle communication.

So sensitive is the goat that If he happens to catch the sight of you whispering into the ears of another colleague, he might think that you are gossiping about him!

Should goat personalities rise to a top position, they might find it challenging to handle the stress involved. And their subordinates might find it tiring having to manage his emotions.

However, goat zodiacs have a sense of gratitude about them. If you have helped them in the past, they’d keep it in mind and return the favor many folds over in future.

Monkey zodiac sign

People with monkey zodiac signs in the year pillar are attention-seekers. Even if they present the image of an introvert, they dream about being the star of the show nevertheless.

You can expect them to be big contributors in team meetings and voice their opinions.

A personal need to be heard can result in eccentric behavior. Yet in their minds, they are just doing what they do.

Like the tiger, monkeys also tend to have a spirit of enterprise.

So while they might become your superstars leading the company, they also tend to exploit opportunities to go out on their own when the window of opportunity opens.

Rooster zodiac sign

Workers with the rooster zodiac have a hardworking instinct, are naturally loyal, and usually has an ability to perceive things from various different angles.

However, even though rooster personalities tend to lead a charmed life in the office, they seldom are default choices for promotions.

There’s just something about them that bugs you. Making you question whether they would be able to successfully lead a team of critical players.

Roosters make great friends, which make them suitable for positions that deal with human interaction such as human resource. But big success will only come with good luck and hard work.

Dog zodiac sign

Dog zodiac personalities tend to have a romanticism about them. They dream of pleasure and a world filled with love… making them gullible victims of bad people.

They hate pressure and prefer to live an easy comfortable life. This implies that most would be willing to receive a low paycheck as long as it is a fair reflection of the amount of work they do.

A positive trait about them is that they have an unmatched ability to start afresh when the situation demands it.

So every project that he takes up would be approached in a fresh way. He or she would not be bored from having done it before.

Pig zodiac sign

Those with the pig zodiac have a strong sense of self-belief. This is a nice way to say that they are stubborn.

They live in their own worlds and nothing can get through unless they allow it.

It won’t be easy to influence the mindset of pig personalities. It’s more probably that you would be influenced by him!

A meticulous nature makes them very suitable for positions that do with numbers and organization.

If one is your warehouse manager, you can expect inventory tracking to be operating at it’s optimal level. Shrinkage would be minimized.

This strong independence also makes them susceptible to entrepreneurial tendencies.


Finally, to end this topic, remember that the Chinese animal zodiac signs are just a subset of the much larger study of bazi.

While zodiac signs can point to certain personal traits and characteristics that a person has, be mindful that it just makes up one out of the 8 characters in bazi.

So even though zodiacs tell a lot about someone, it is far from the whole picture.

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