This service is for those who are selecting dates only for the following important events:

  • Wedding
  • Marriage registration
  • Customary wedding
  • Commencement of business
  • Moving into new house
  • Start of renovations

The consultation is straight forward and can include advice for:

  • The best date
  • Best alternative dates
  • Ranking a list of dates from the best to the neutral
  • etc

Communication is by email only.

The pricing for this service is a flat rate of $88 per event consulted.

*All prices are quoted in USD

Enter your contact email in the order form. Contact will be made via the email address entered.


  • Type of event
  • Date of birth of key people (e.g. of husband wife for wedding, business owner of company, head of household for family moving into new house, etc)
  • List of dates (up to 3*) you have shortlisted (if applicable)
  • Floor plan and address (for property related events like date of renovations commencement)
  • Any additional information that you feel can be relevant to the assessment

* List up to 3 dates. If you have more dates on the shortlist, please select quantity to order accordingly on the order form. For example if there are 4, 5, or 6 dates, select quantity of 2 on the order form. And select quantity of 3 on order form if there are 7, 8, or 9 dates on your shortlist.