SD – Sitting Direction
SC – Sheng Chi
TY – Tian Yi
YN – Yen Nien
FW – Fu Wei
5G – Wu Gui
6K – Liu Sha
HH – Hou Hai
JM – Jue Ming

24 Mountains table here

N1 Sun Mao Bing Ren Ken Chien You Kun
N2 Sun Mao Wu Zi Ken Chien You Kun
N3 Sun Mao Ding Gui Ken Chien You Kun
S1 Mao Sun Ren Bing You Kun Ken Chien
S2 Mao Sun Zi Wu You Kun Ken Chien
S3 Mao Sun Gui Ding You Kun Ken Chien
E1 Wu Zi Sun Jia Chien Ken Kun Geng
E2 Wu Zi Sun Mao Chien Ken Kun You
E3 Wu Zi Sun Yi Chien Ken Kun Xin
W1 Chien Kun Ken Geng Wu Sun Zi Jia
W2 Chien Kun Ken You Wu Sun Zi Mao
W3 Chien Kun Ken Xin Wu Sun Zi Yi
NE1 Wei Chien You Chou Zi Mao Wu Sun
NE2 Kun Chien You Ken Zi Mao Wu Sun
NE3 Shen Chien You Yin Zi Mao Wu Sun
NW1 You Ken Kun Xu Mao Zi Chen Wu
NW2 You Ken Kun Chien Mao Zi Sun Wu
NW3 You Ken Kun Hai Mao Zi Si Wu
SE1 Zi Wu Mao Chen Kun You Xu Ken
SE2 Zi Wu Mao Sun Kun You Chien Ken
SE3 Zi Wu Mao Si Kun You Hai Ken
SW1 Chou You Chien Wei Sun Wu Mao Zi
SW2 Ken You Chien Kun Sun Wu Mao Zi
SW3 Yin You Chien Shen Sun Wu Mao Zi
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