The Symbolism Of Pomelo Fruit

The pomelo is one of those fruits that one either absolutely loves or hates because of the slightly bitter taste.

Yet it is this bitter taste that is oddly pleasing which lures fans to eat more.

The plumpness of the fruit gives it a feeling of abundance.The bright yellow exterior is a very auspicious color and reminiscence of gold,

The fruit’s mandarin name is you (柚). This sounds similar to the word for “have” (有).

All the reasons above combines to make the pomelo fruit a very auspicious symbol in Chinese culture.

However like pineapples, pomelos are seldom found in oriental artwork. And it’s usage is most observable during festive periods such as CNY. This is when they are used as display items and as fruit offerings in prayers.

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When paired with the pineapple for example, it is meant to convey the meaning of having wealth and abundance arrive.

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