How To Use Evil Eye Protection Charms Against Ill Intentions

In the realm of symbolic feng shui, many revered symbols from around the world have been incorporated into home decorations for harnessing good energy and dispelling bad energy.

Some of the popular ones include the salt lamp, lava lamp, magnetic globes, etc.

Another prominent symbol that most experts agree originated from the Mediterranean is the evil eye protection charm.

It also goes by the popular name Nazar eye which, is what it’s called in Turkey.

The folklore surrounding this mysterious symbol is that it offer protection against the negative energy associated with people carrying ill intentions. Specifically from those who are doused in envy and jealousy.

Even if someone with hidden agendas and bad intentions do not act on their ideals, it is said that the negativity that these “evil eye” send towards you can adversely affect your personal aura and fortune.

Thus, evil eye protection charms and nazar amulets are meant to shield one against these negative energies, ward off evil, and in some cases, counter it.

The believe is that for those who might act on their evil thoughts towards their object of envy, being met by the blue evil eye of protection charm when they cast their jealous eyes can go some way in diffusing that urge to act.

In fact, it is the effectiveness that these charms and amulets bring that has made them increasing in popularity in recent years.

Ancient display of this is in the form of the hamsa artifact where the eye is positioned in a palm.

But in modern use in various parts of the world, only the blue eye is used.

Colors of evil eye protection

The charm used for protection from evil eyes are predominantly known to be blue in color.

However, different colors can be used by different people for different forms of protection.

  • Blue is for personal protection against enviable people
  • Orange protects happiness from being infested
  • Gray shields one from sadness and depression
  • Yellow is meant for protection against bad health
  • Pink is known to protect relationships from turning sour
  • Brown provides cover for one against the elements

Because of the associations the evil eye protection has with resentful people holding a grudge, especially those who might act in a malicious manner, the blue charm is most commonly used as a form of personal emblem or in a house as interior decors to protect against bad neighbors.

How to use evil eye protection

As previously stated, people usually use this charm for personal protection. So it’s no surprise that the most common way that it is used is by carrying it as a personal item. Often in the form of a bracelet or necklace.

If you work or study in a stressful environment full of people who cannot wait to witness your downfall, then carrying it in this way might be the best way forward.

However, if you are in a generally welcoming environment and really only needs to be wary of one or two bad apples, then placing it on the office desk might be the better solution. Place the amulet facing the hostile individuals and you should be safe from office politics and nasty rumors.

If you are a business person and often have to deal with partners and vendors that constantly want to hold the longer end of the stick, then it can be a good idea to leave one at the meeting desk where you make your deals. Maybe it can become your lucky eye. Bring if on your travels when having meetings outstation. And paste one on your telephone if you make most of your deals via the phone.

More and more home owners are also using this as a form of protection for the house.

If you live in a house subject to prying eyes all the time, then hanging an evil eye amulet at the main door or main gate can be useful. This can be very practical if you are well-known in the neighborhood, maybe as a public figure, celebrity or influencer with a cult-like following.

It would be most effective when prying eyes have the blue eye in view when looking at you or your property. They don’t have to look at the item directly, but the item must be in their view of vision.

Another way of using it is by hanging it on the car mirror for safe commute.

Remember that if your charm breaks, it is not necessarily a bad omen. This is actually considered as it absorbing strong hostile negative forces that would have hit you otherwise. So in essence, it has done it’s job in protecting you. Get a new one.

In theoretical feng shui, the life aspects that the evil eye protection is associated with is closely linked to conflicts and betrayal. Which means that it can be appropriately used to deal with the jade star 3 and red star 7 in flying stars feng shui.

For example, if you are afflicted by the conflict star 3 in the year 2022, the place one of these blue amulets at the East to counter the dreaded effects of this negative star. And if your living room has a water star 7 causing chaos at home, then hang a single blue Nazar eye as a cure. They can be found as glass pendents suitable for this purpose. Note that the number 1 and blue color are effective remedies against the star 7.

It can also be used as a remedy for those badly afflicted by the liu sha energy in 8 mansions feng shui.

Remember not to go overboard with these pendents. Feng shui is about subtlety.

And keep in mind that this charm is meant for protection. It is not meant to bring good fortune or wealth luck. But many might contend that being protected is seen as good fortune in many ways.

Preparing the charm

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Like crystals and other symbolic items used for feng shui, evil eye protection amulets and charms would be most powerful when they are properly prepared.

This means that when you get yours, first cleanse it with either running water, or leave it in a bowl of water for 3 hours.

If you meant for your charm to protect you from the elements, then bury it in earth overnight and retrieve it in the afternoon the next day. If you meant for it to protect from spiritual forces, then bathe it in incense smoke.

Once the cleansing ritual is complete, leave it in the sun for 3 hours and under the moon for a night.

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