Why Mova Globes Are Such A Great Feng Shui Display Item

One of the the concepts that feng shui practitioners try to implement in each home is to create yang energy in the living space constantly.

And one of the way to create that yang energy is to have stuff in the house that moves constantly.

This idea of moving energy is a fundamental reason why some of the products synonymous with feng shui include water features, aquariums, clocks, wind chimes, etc.

They just continue moving whether anyone is at home. This movement, even though very subtle, enhances the ability of energy to meander instead of just staying still. Still energy would have yin characteristics… which is not what you want to have dominating a house.

Which is why when I first came across the Mova globe, it only took a moment to see that this is a great feng shui display item to have at home.

Self-rotating globes are not new to the market. They have been around for a while. But these ones from Mova are so gorgeous that they’d not only add points to the aesthetics of your living spaces.

Other than the fact that these rotating globes are just beautiful to behold, the movement they make also helps to circulate energy around the space.

What’s even better is that they are solar powered. Which means that they harness clean energy from light sources to power themselves.

Globes in feng shui

Globes are associated with wisdom, academic luck, and also a totem for those involved in fields related to research, science and education.

The limitation with most globes that are available is that they are stagnant with no movement. You can probably spin them manually on their axis. But they don’t go round and round like how a real planet does.

While the correct placement of globes can often be enough to call on academic luck, rotating globes take things up a notch by actively churning that energy to strengthen it’s yang attributes.

So it’s definitely better than one that sits still.

Children would benefit from better luck in examinations and literacy pursuits, and even adults who are pursuing studies or professional courses would be able to call on that good luck.

Placement of globes

Because knowledge is something that can benefit almost all aspects of life, the placement of display globes have no specific default areas.

You pretty much place them where you need them.

Saying that, the most common area to place them is in the northeast sector of the house. This is because it is the area of knowledge and wisdom.

So if you have purchased a globe without having someone in mind, the northeast is the directional sector that is most naturally linked to a globe.

In addition to this, the northeast is also where the Gen trigram resides. Making young children, especially boys, reap the most out of the metaphysical benefits of a globe.

A second directional sector that is very appropriate for the placement of a globe is the northwest. This is because it is where we find the Qian trigram.

As this trigram is linked to mentors and benefactors, the globe would be a symbolic representation of attracting highly intellectual and accomplished mentors into your life. This can be a big boost to career prospects and business success.

If there is a specific member in the household which needs academic luck, then the globe is best placed in the study room where he or she studies.

Otherwise, it can also be placed in the sectors of the house where the trigrams that represent the individual members reside.

For example, the east for the oldest son or the southeast for the eldest daughter.

Another way to use feng shui to guide globe placement is with flying stars feng shui.

Among the 9 stars, star 4 is the one that is associated with literacy and academic achievements. This means that your Mova globe can be placed in sectors of the house where the star 4 is located.

For example, if you have a house that faces west built during the period of 8, the below natal chart would apply to the property.

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As can be observed from the above chart, it can be seen that the star 4 is found on the east sector as a mountain star and at the southwest as a water star.

These are 2 sectors of the house where the globe can be placed to enhance education luck.

Which Mova globe is best for feng shui?

The company designs and manufactures various types of globes including Earth and other planets such as Mars and Venus.

The best one for feng shui is obviously Earth. Yet even in that category, there are different world maps for customers to choose from.

Go with those with clear blue waters. This means the natural earth, relief map, political map, or even the cloudy map.

Just take note that if you happen to order Jupiter and set it up in the living room, you’d essentially be bringing the grand duke into your home. 😀

And if you are choosing the base as well, go for the squarish dark wood selections.

Regarding the size, it is important to decide on a size that is proportionate to the room where it would be placed.

For example, if it’s for a small library in the house, a small or medium sized Mova glove would be good enough. And if you have a huge living room, you can choose to go with the largest ones.

What you must be mindful of is to avoid letting the item have a dominating presence in the living space. The room should be accommodating it, not the other way around.

See what owners are saying about these globes

I hope they design a levitating globe soon. Visualizing one floating and rotating in the house is just so futuristic to think about.

Finally, avoid placing them beside or near the main door. This is because they seem to generate strong magnetic fields which make the spinning magic possible.

This can disrupt the energy entering the premises and potentially induce the energy map of the house to go haywire.

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