The Associations Of Different Rooms With Life Aspects

Different rooms of the house represent different aspects of life. And how these spaces are set up will have a positive or negative impact of what happens in the house and to the people these areas represent.

This concept of interior form feng shui is one of the oldest methods of geomancy.

And it serves as one of the most basic fundamentals that feng shui practitioners keep in mind no matter what schools of thought they are applying to a property.

This means that even if a feng shui master is conducting a site visit audit on a location using flying star feng shui, his or her recommendations would have factored in the rules of interior forms, what they represent, and how they are affected.

Without getting too long winded, here are what the different areas of the house represent.

1) Living room

The living room represents the patriarch of the household.

Any feng shui afflictions that occur in this living space will primarily or firstly affect the man of the house.

For example, a sofa with a window behind can result in being victimized by backstabbers.

Such a configuration in the living room will affect the patriarch most.

2) Kitchen

The kitchen is associated with the matriarch.

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This is not surprising as old-fashioned culture tend to make women the master of the kitchens as they cook the meals to feed the family.

Like the living room, feng shui problems in the kitchen would impact the matriarch the most.

For example, a stove with a window in front is associated with wealth loss from scams and lending money to friends.

An orientation like that in the kitchen will make the wife in the house prone to such unlucky events.

3) Front balcony

The front balcony is symbolic of the careers of people who are working in the household.

If this area is in a mess, then it will lead to a career with little to no stability.

For example, a lot of apartments have front balconies cluttered with unorganized shoes. This can affect the careers of household members.

On top of that these areas are often less polished than the interiors in other sections of the house. Making some types of sha chi a common sight in these areas.

One of which is the “snake” which refers to exposed piping, cables, and wires on the walls and ceilings. These ailments which are common to apartments will all have a negative impact on career development.

If the view is unblocked and met with beautiful scenery that enables one to look very far away, then it is said that the individual resident in question might find the most success overseas.

4) Rear balcony

The rear balcony situated at the back of the house is often where laundry or less glamorous activities are done.

This is a space associated with the children in the family.

Whether your children will enjoy descendants luck will depend on the layout and configuration of this area.

For example, if the view of this balcony faces a sharp corner from a building, it is going to cause significant harm to the general luck of children in the house.

5) Dining room

The dining room governs the harmony of relationships between residents in the house.

This is why this space, especially the dining table, should be carefully planned and protected from sha chi to enjoy a harmonious house.

For example, if a wall mirror is on one side of the room which is behind a row of seats on the dining table, it can lead to family member sabotaging each other for one reason or another in various aspects of life.

6) Bedrooms

The bedrooms are understandably associated with the people who are living in them.

For example if a room is used by a son or daughter, then the good or bad feng shui configuration of the room will affect him or her. And if it is used by an elder, it will affect him or her too.

For example, if a room used by a son has a bed placement with the right side against a wall, it could lead to a lack of romance luck for him.

7) Rooftops

Apartments will not have accessible rooftops as living space unless it is a pent house.

However, it is becoming more and more common for landed house to have open space roof tops here they can build a small garden, design a cozy patio, or create a barbecue area.

It must be noted that elevated levels such as rooftops represents religious figures of worship or ancestors.

8) Study

The study room has been a source of debate among feng shui masters for a while.

The issue here is that a study is basically just a walled room with no unique features. It could very well become an entertainment or gaming room with the right furniture and fittings in place.

As such, a study is only erected in a house where the interiors of a room is designed to be a study room.

This means that books shelves, reading desks, and table lamps, etc, can immediately make a small room bare the appearance of a study… thereby converting it into a study.

One must be mindful that if the first impression from a first look at the room does not bring about the assumption that it is a study, then from a feng shui perspective, it is not one.

So if you intend to make a room a study, do ensure that it looks like one.

The reason for doing so is that academic luck is represented by the study. And the studious achievements of those who are still schooling or taking professional examinations can be affected by how the layout of this room is configured.

For example, a workstation with a window behind the chair can mean that schooling children in the household will receive little support from peers and mentors in their academic work.

Other areas of a house will also represent other aspects of life. But for basics, the above are more than enough to feng shui a house while adhering to these fundamental principles.

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