Raise Odds Of Winning Lottery By Identifying Lucky Outlets

If you have ever won the lottery even for any small amounts of money, whether it’s the first prize or consolation prize, you’d have experienced the excitement of receiving a windfall.

And if that winning amount is at least the equivalent of a month’s salary, the sheer elation can take your breathe away.

This is a reason why lotteries like the powerball, sweepstakes, scratch cards and 4D, etc, continue to draw in the crowds at record number.

People buy lottery tickets not just win the prized jackpot, but to experience the ecstasy that comes with holding the winning ticket.

In various parts of Asia, people associate windfall luck with feng shui. And therefore, can be pretty superstitious in picking the lottery outlets to buy their tickets.

Because lottery outlets are physical stores more often than not, they would come under the influence of feng shui whether the business owner likes it or not.

And when that is factored in, it is possible to assess the feng shui of an outlet to evaluate how much good luck it has. The luckier a particular store is, the better chances of a winning ticket dispensed from it.

Lottery outlet exterior

As with all things feng shui, we start with looking as the exterior environmental aspects of a store location.

Poison arrows at main entrance

As retail stores are often situated in busy areas, or at least places with some human traffic, there are often various urban structures around the location.

Some of the things that you don’t want to see directly in front (from the inside looking out) of the lottery outlet are:

  • Drains or catch basins
  • Lamp posts
  • Electrical pylons
  • Obstructed walkways
  • etc

The more of these harmful poison arrows there are, the less auspicious energy the store receives.

Flat walkway in front

Slopes either bring in chi or bring chi away from the store.

Either way, it’s not really conducive for energy dynamics for a retail outlet.

The best configuration is a generally flat pathway in front of the store so that energy can move freely and meander about for the store to harness.

Places of gathering in sight

There must be a place where masses of people often gather in sight.

This can be in the form of shopping malls, outdoor parks, food centers, and even places of worship.

This is a tricky one as religions don’t encourage followers to gamble. And many see buying lotteries as a form of gambling.

But purely from an energy point of view, being close to a place of worship like a temple would help an outlet draw in man-luck and reap the benefits of that.


This is somewhat of a catch 22.

The luckier an outlet is, the more people would make it a destination to buy lottery. The less patrons there are, the less people would want to patronize.

The idea here is that crowds bring yang chi that can attract auspicious chi into the premises.

This is why buying when an outlet is crowded with bettors can be the best thing to do when you don’t want to find lucky outlets and just want to buy a winning ticket and get it over with.

Lottery outlet interiors

Very often an auspicious exterior should be enough for a business to do well. Especially when the concepts of land form are incorporated.

But when good feng shui interiors are paired with good feng shui exteriors, then one can expect a booming feng shui lottery outlet to arise. 😀

Consider that this is a retail store that we are talking about. And other than proper standalone lottery outlets, many places where lottery tickets are sold are just counters within general provision stores or outright convenience stores.

This means that there is little expectation you can put on the interior design of a lottery outlet.

I would love to see a 4D outlet designed like an Apple store too. But that’s probably not going to happen.

So the interiors of a lottery outlet is very much focused on the layout and floor plan. Not whether gold color or floral wallpapers are used.

From the entrance looking in

The view of the store interior when walking in from the main entrance should have no doors in sight.

This is extremely inauspicious especially when a door is directly facing the entrance in a confrontational manner.

A door that is in view but faces the side would be less intrusive towards good feng shui.

There is a superstition around that ticket counters that are located next to a door are bad luck. And a customer should avoid that particular counter and place bets on other counters that do not have doors beside it instead.

This originate from the doors in view idea that has been explained.

Other than doors, the entrance should not have toilets, staircases and stoves in view as well.

Dragon and tiger

This is with reference to the concept of the 4 celestial creatures in landform feng shui.

From the inside looking out of the main entrance in the left side of interior represents the green dragon, and the right side interior is associated with the white tiger.

Do note that we are not referring to the dragon zodiac and tiger zodiac here. We are talking about feng shui concepts.

The left dragon is an area of activity and wealth grabbing. The right tiger is an area of peace and keeping of wealth.

Thus, the ideal feng shui set up of a lottery outlet is one with the left side being an area for crowds to gather. And the right side is where the cashiers are located.


To further delve into this topic, we can actually look into a person’s bazi on this topic as winning the lottery is a form of indirectly wealth luck from windfalls that is associated with one of the 10 gods.

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So in theory, one can actually determine when would be his most lucky time to receive windfall luck and make lottery purchases then. Or whether one has any luck at all with lotteries.

But that of course is a topic for another day. And… if you are going this far into this topic, maybe your should evaluate if your habit is getting out of control.

Try identifying lucky lottery outlets first and see how your luck changes.

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