A House Facing A Void Line Indicates Emptiness

The void line (空亡) in flying stars feng shui describes the borders between the 8 main directions of N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW.

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When a house’s facing is right smack on these lines, then the dwelling can be deduced as one where no chi is able to enter or manifest good luck for residents.

This problem can also apply to the facing direction of the main door as this is a fixture of great significance in feng shui with regards to the overall chi quality that enters the premises.

Sometimes also referred to as the emptiness line or death and emptiness, not to be confused with it’s namesake in bazi, the 8 lines consist of specific measurements instead of a range of measurements.

The table below shows all 8 void lines.

Direction Measurement
N – NE 22.5
NE – E 67.5
E – SE 112.5
SE – S 157.5
S – SW 202.5
SW – W 247.5
W – NW 292.5
NW – N 337.5

These are very specific compass readings that represent the point where two trigrams are separated. These points are void of energy and are sometimes called Orphans.

Because of the grave implications of a property landing right on this line for it’s facing, any feng shui master would check the readings themselves a number of times to verify the compass orientation of such houses.

This means that if a feng shui expert does not visit the site himself/herself, readings provided by the homeowner that indicates an emptiness line will usually not be taken at face value.

So if you have the freedom to plan and build your own house, do ensure that it does not have a facing at a void line.

When a property is deemed to have good feng shui but the residents have been suffering from bad luck in various aspects of life, then it is very possible that it’s sitting and facing alignment is on a void line. Effectively having it’s auspiciousness nullified.

What if you are already facing one?

When you are faced with the unfortunate situation, of living in a “void” house, there is really very little you can do.

But if you believe in your competence in feng shui, there is a method to hack this problem and get out of the hack.

It must be repeated that this should only be attempted by an expert. Saying that, what have you got to lose when you are already at such an adverse predicament?

What’s the hack?

If you hold a magnetic compass in your hands, there will eventually come to a point where the needle stops moving and points to a specific direction. And if you bring your smart phone close to the compass, you’d find that the needle actually moves away from the phone.

This shows that electromagnetic fields in close proximity influences the chi configuration in the space.

So you can actually nudge the facing of the property away from the void line with electronic devices or electrical wiring.

Considering that the void line only takes up a specific measurement, a 1 degree shift is all you need to move away from it.

It is really up to your creativity in what types of fixtures you can place at the side of a house’s facing or the main door facing to manipulate the facing chi.

One way is to set up a tree plant and decorate it with lighting such as those we often see during Christmas or other festivals.

It is critical to remember that the needle moves away from the fixture rather than towards it.

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