The Golden Rectangle Ratio Is The BIG Secret Of Space Planning

The golden rectangle ratio is one of the biggest secrets of space planning to live in harmony with the surrounding energy.

I won’t call it the worst kept secret of feng shui because a lot of DIY practitioners have actually never heard of it.

People need to be aware of it for it to be known as a badly kept secret.

Yet the magic ratio is so revered in various schools of metaphysics that it’s puzzling why it does not get as much recognition as it rightfully deserves.

The golden ratio is known to have various aliases:

  • Golden rectangle
  • Golden section
  • Magic ratio
  • Golden mean
  • Divine proportion
  • Golden cut
  • etc

The origins of the golden ratio (黄金分割 or 黄金矩形) in Chinese metaphysics can be traced back over thousands of years and can be simply presented as:


For example if the breadth of a room is 5m, then the length should be approximately 8.09m (5×1.618).

Such a room dimension would enable it to conform to the rule of the golden ratio.

In classical text, this type of rectangle is described as the perfect proportion of space to harness celestial energy. Enabling residents to live in harmony with cosmic energy so as to enhance happiness and good luck in life.

Think of it this way.

If you install an engine from an F1 racing car into a small salon vehicle, the whole vehicle might implode when driving on the street with the pedal down. If not, it could very well fall apart the moment you make a sharp turn.

You need a strong vehicle body. One that is capable of withstanding the power of the engine and the G-force created to see the engine perform at it’s full potential.

The golden rectangle creates the perfect “body” for a living space to tap on the energy of the cosmic universe.

It gives a room the most ideal foundations for feng shui enhancements and remedies.

Enabling enhancements to be more potent and remedies to be more effective.

Moreover, take note that the numbers 1, 6 and 8 are the 3 white numbers in feng shui that are almost always associated with positive connotations.

The golden ratio in other sciences

In geometry, a rectangle with the golden ratio is one that allows itself to retain the ratio when a square is added to it.

For example is a magic rectangle has the measurement of 10 x 16.18 feet, then adding a square with each side at 16.18 to the rectangle would create a larger golden rectangle while retaining the golden ratio.

This also means that a perfect square can be removed from a golden rectangle, and the result would be a perfect smaller golden rectangle!

This characteristic of self-similarity is intriguing from a mathematician’s perspective.

So much so that many great mathematicians in history have spent a lot of time on trying to find meanings into it.

And this is just merely scratching the surface of the topic.

In addition to that, many historical buildings that hold great significance were constructed to adhere to the golden ratio.

Using the golden ratio at home

The best use of the ratio is to plan and shape living areas such as the living room according to the ratio.

This is understandably only possible if you are involved in the planning phase of the construction process.

However, there are other ways you can work the golden rectangle into existing layouts to incorporate the magic ratio.

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For example, if you have a square living room, you can demarcate a golden segment right out of it.

Dividers, curtains, partitions, or even sliding doors can be used separate the spaces.

Flooring and carpets can also be used to clearly segment a space into two separate spaces.

There are many other ways to craft golden rectangles out of your living space.

It really is up to your personal creativity.

The golden ratio can also be applied on furniture and fittings.

Dining tables for example are places where family member gather to chit chat. A dining table with golden measurements will help create harmonizing energy when people are socializing.

The ratio can also be applied on other items like:

  • Mirrors
  • Aquariums
  • Ponds
  • Swimming Pool
  • Doors
  • Picture frames
  • Custom built cabinets
  • Coffee tables
  • etc

The application of the 1:1.618 golden ratio can pretty much be done on everything only limited by your imagination.

If you are doing a feng shui makeover of the house, you might find that the energy of the house becomes markedly different the moment the golden rectangle rule is implemented.

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