Orientating Feng Shui Sleeping Directions For Good Luck

The average person spends a third of the day sleeping. He also spends two-thirds of the time spent at home sleeping.

So it is no surprise that the sleeping direction at home, in the bedroom, is of critical significance in feng shui.

Since different types of energy comes from different directions, sleeping with the head pointing towards a particular direction implies that an individual will either be absorbing positive energy all through the night while he sleeps soundly, or be bombarded with negative energy all the time.

To eliminate all confusion, when we talk about feng shui sleeping direction, we are referring to the direction in which a person’s head is pointing towards when sleeping in a normal straight position.

And while the bed direction, orientation and position plays a major part in configuring a sleeping direction, that is not the topic of this discussion.

People are well within their means to place the bed in one way and sleep on it in an unconventional way. Some might even sleep in a position with their feet at the bed head.

The bed placement is a common subject to ponder as homeowners often see the bed position as something static. Meaning once they decide on one, it tends to stay in that particular position and orientation for a very long time.

This is in part because furnishing and fixtures will be designed with the bed’s position in the layout in mind.

But there is no hard and fast rule dictating that it has to be this way.

Many people around the world sleep on mattresses without bed frames. And they can move their mattresses around everyday without having to decide and settle on a permanent sleeping area or direction.

The topic of feng shui bed direction will be discussed on another day.

The placement of the bed has many more considerations other than which way the resident’s head will be pointing towards.

For now, this discussion is solely on determining the best feng shui sleeping direction for a person to tap on positive energy for good luck.

8 Mansions feng shui

The gist of almost all feng shui concepts to determine a favorable sleeping direction is down to the teachings in 8 mansions school of thought.

8 mansions feng shui, which can be read about in more details here, is based on directions and states that every individual carries a kua number which when calculated, will discover 4 favorable and 4 unfavorable directions.

Among the 4 favorable directions, the most auspicious and desirable direction is the Sheng Chi (SC) direction.

For example, if you have a Kua number of 6, then the SC direction would be west according to the East House and West House table. This will be followed by the other 3 favorable directions of northeast, southwest and northwest.

The SC direction is one which every feng shui enthusiasts should be aiming for.
However, if it is impossible to orientate your resting position to point toward this direction, then any of the remaining 3 favorable directions would at least not bring your any harm.

Sometimes the best feng shui is in preventing bad luck instead of harnessing good luck.

So if your current sleeping orientation has your head pointing to one of the 4 unfavorable directions, it is absolutely necessary to alter your sleeping configuration so as you point towards a favorable direction.

The good news is that there will be 4 to choose from. Surely you would be able to adjust and change to a favorable orientation.

Flying star feng shui

While feng shui practitioners seldom apply flying star feng shui to analyze sleeping directions, more and more are doing it.

And there is a basis to it.

In order to determine favorable directions, it is necessary to identify the birth chart of the house.

For example, if the house in question is from the period of 8 facing W1, then it would have the below birth chart.

As one can observe, there is a double-8 star combination residing at the east.

So an occupant of the house wishing to tap on this prosperous combination of water and mountain stars might want to sleep at a position point towards the east to absorb all these feng shui candy.

In this sense, it would also be disastrous to have your head pointing towards northwest as there is a sickness combination of 5-2 at this direction.

This simple concept of choosing directions can also be applied to the basics of magic squares.

According to the Luo Shu diagram (magic squares), the 5 different elements will take up the various different compass directions.

  • Wood at east and southeast
  • Fire at south
  • Earth at northeast and southwest
  • Metal at west and northwest
  • Water at north

When we observe the above, it can also be assumed that even the bagua map can be incorporated into all this.

If a person knows what particular elemental energy he needs to boost his luck for good fortune, then he can orientate his sleeping direction to tap on that specific elemental energy.

This exercise can be best conducted when you can identify your personal element in Bazi analysis.

Which leads us nicely into the next method of using bazi.


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Bazi is a complex method of divination and destiny analysis.

While in-depth advanced analysis is beyond the comprehension of the average person, the basics of bazi can be easily understood and applied by anyone.

For example, if you are male and can identify your self element as Earth, then the following aspects of life can be tagged to the different elements.

  • Earth represents friends, siblings and colleagues
  • Fire represents resources and support
  • Water represents wealth and wife
  • Wood represents status
  • Metal represents intelligence and creativity

With the above, if your bazi states that you are someone who is lacking in the metal elements or needs more studious luck, then the metal directions of west and northwest will be what you want to sleep towards.

And if you want more romance luck in finding a wife, then the water direction of north can be beneficial.

Chinese zodiacs also play a role in bazi and it can be applied to the sleeping orientation as well.

For example, if your Chinese zodiac animal sign is Dog, your secret friend would be the Rabbit at the East direction. In this case, if you want to enhance the luck of meeting more helpful secret friends, then sleeping towards the east direction can call on that luck.

As you can see, if you are able to grasp the concepts with determining feng shui sleeping directions, you can apply it for almost any purpose.

On a final note, I just want to serve a reminder that most feng shui masters solely use the concepts 8 mansions when determining a sleeping direction for members of a family.

So the last piece of advice I’d give you is that when in doubt, go with 8 mansions concepts.

It is also probably the simplest to implement as well.

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