9 Types Of Crystal Shapes

Crystals by themselves already contain natural earth energy that can be used in feng shui and various forms of metaphysics.

Sort of like how gold would naturally contain metal energy or plants having wood energy.

The natural shapes of crystals and semi-precious gemstones dictate how energy flows through them.

So it’s no surprise that crystals are often artificially cut and shaped to dictate the flow of their energy so that people can tap on them more efficiently.

Knowing what type of crystal shape does what will enable one to select the right stones for his or her own personal objectives.

There are basically 8 types of crystals shapes that are commonly available to consumers.

1) Geode

These are boulder like stones that are cut open to reveal crystals inside.

The most common ones we see today are amethyst geode caves where they usually cut in half. They are then set on a stand to display the beautiful violet crystals inside.

The caves enable the crystals to harness power which can then be tapped on by users.

Crystal geodes also protects the energy contained within from disturbances which might cause the accumulated energy to dissipate.

They are ideal for attracting abundance and spiritual well-being.

2) Cluster

Crystal clusters are exactly what they sound like.

These are crystals that are clustered together as one and can be usually observed to have many pointing tips to point to all different directions.

They can be observed in various types of crystals including citrine, pyrite, clear quartz, etc.

Citrine cluster

They are best used when energy needs to be dispersed.

This can be to dematerialize negative energy or scatter positive energy around the space.

3) Point

Crystal points is also a popular choice of crystal collectors because of their attractive shapes and having the ability to stand upright on their own.

They are very commonly designed with clear and smoky quartz, aventurine, and aquamarine just to name a few.

Some people often feel that they are shaped like sticks, wands and beams.

Sodalite crystal point

A crystal point focuses it’s energy onto a point and can be channeled in the direction where the tip is pointing at.

4) Ball

While crystal balls are not the most popular type of crystal shapes, they are undoubtedly the most well-known due to the continued references to them in stories and movies.

Crystal balls are supposed to emit energy in all directions in equal strength.

However, this also depends on the workmanship of these balls of earth energy.

Because crystal balls are shaped from larger pieces of crystals with machinery, how well made is the sphere depends on the skills of manufacturers and the quality of the equipment used.

A badly shaped crystal ball would not be able to properly serve it’s very purpose.

Rose quartz is often designed as crystals ball to attract more romance luck.

5) Phantom

Phantom crystals are most often found with various types of quartz.

They are so named as they layer over one another to for shapes that are often pyramid-like.

This creates a ghost-like appearance of a crystal within another one.

They are primarily used for physical and mental healing purposes due to it’s ability to balance energy flows.

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Great for people who practice meditation and self-reflection.

6) Palm stone

Crystal palms stones are great to hold. They improve awareness and eliminate distraction.

These are rounded crystals that are somewhat flat.

However, being flat does not mean that they are thin. They can often be as thick as a few centimeters.

If you don’t believe in the power of crystals, holding one of these might just make you reconsider your perception of them.

7) Bed

A crystal bed is a collection of small crystals that are somewhat evenly spread on a base.

The shape of the base (or bed) would play a critical role in it’s suitability for specific uses.

8) Chips

Crystals chips are widely available in affordable prices.

This is because they are the residue left from the production process other shapes like balls and points.

But even though crystal chips have weak and unfocused energy, people often buy them by weight. The high volume of crystal chips also give them considerable power.

This is why they are often used as fillers for other items such as the wealth vase or gourd. This give them a desirable shape for their energy to be properly aligned and harvested.

9) Manifestation

Crystal manifestation basically refer to crystals that has been encased within another.

Something like freezing a cola ice cube within a larger cube of plain spring water.

And as the name suggest, there are best used for manifestation purposes.

Finally, do be aware that professional gemologists, jewelers and geologists are going to have more terms that classify different types of crystals shapes.

But for common household use, the above types of shapes are more easily available to mass market consumers.

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