How To Feng Shui Good Fortune With The Wealth Vase

One of the intuitive activities that people who practice feng shui do at home is in the display and stealthy placement of wealth enhancing items.

So intuitive is this act that even a lot of home owners who don’t belief in feng shui tend to do it as well without any guidance on wealth luck.

And probably the most widely used item is the wealth vase.

The wealth vase (聚宝盆) is basically a vase that contains precious items inside that carries symbolic meanings. This is believed to help residents of a house in accumulating wealth by enhancing energy to bring money luck.

But what many don’t realize is that the use of the vase is also meant to bless a household with harmony.

This is partly because the Chinese word for vase is 瓶, which is a homophone for 平 which means peace.

While there are no standard hard and fast rules of making and placing the wealth vase, here is a guide to creating one that will harness it’s prowess.

Choosing a vase

First and foremost, the container that should be used is not necessarily a vase.

You might use a jar, box, bowl, etc, as the container.

It’s just that the vase is the most often used as it has the perfect shape for this purpose.

And because having a lid is a crucial criteria to take into consideration, a vase that often comes with a lid makes it ideal.


The ideal shape of the vase is with a wide diameter for it’s body, and curved inwards towards the bottom and neck.

It must have an observable neck that has a noticeable smaller diameter compared to the body.

And then a mouth, or opening, bigger than the neck.

The wider mouth of the vase allows wealth to flow in, and the tighter neck helps keep the wealth in the treasure vase.

A long neck can create a bottleneck effect that obstructs wealth from entering.

The ideal vase, if there is one, should preferably also be more rounded instead of slender.

You can say that being stocky is better than slim in this sense.

While a pot shape vase is the shape of choice for feng shui masters, it really is up to the owner to decide what is best based on his personal preferences.

Some people even use them without lids and swear by their magical powers in bringing good fortune to the family.


Unless you have a specific reason otherwise, the material of your vase should be earth based.

This includes material like:

  • Porcelain
  • Stone
  • Crystal
  • etc

While the use of most earthenware would most likely fit the bill, the most common material used is porcelain.

One reason was that during ancient times, porcelain is the main material used for houseware.

They look beautiful in modern times too!

Metal is also often a material of choice because in feng shui, water has a strong connotation with wealth. And according to the cycle of birth of the 5 resident elements, metal gives birth to water.

However, the logic is that the vase would already contain treasures and money which signify wealth. So an earth based element would represent earthly energy calling for wealth luck from cosmic influences.

But if you are adamant, in using a metal wealth vase for feng shui, then try to use gold, silver, brones, or brass.

And it is better to have them in matte finish instead of shiny or glossy.

One critical point to note when choosing a material is that the vase should not be transparent with see-through characteristics.

This effectively rules out glass.

The reason being that the lucky wealth vase is supposed to accumulate and safeguard wealth. A clear material would advertise itself to others, attracting envy and a an urge to steal it.

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One reason why porcelain vases is a good choice is with the versatility of designs that can be crafted on the surface.

They don’t fade like prints and usually get more beautiful as they age.

If you select a vase with designs, then you must ensure that the designs are symbols of financial prosperity and/or longevity.

Some symbols you can go with are celestial beings like the dragon, phoenix, pi yao, etc.

If not, you can also consider auspicious Mandarin words like 福 (good fortune), 禄 (prosperity), 寿 (longevity), 财 (wealth), 喜 (happiness), etc.

If you are not totally comfortable with Chinese words or celestial creatures, then flowers and goldfish is a safe bet.

Wealth vase ingredients

Now that you have meticulously decided on a vase of choice, it’s time to fill it up with ingredients, or some might call it treasures.

What stuff to put inside the vase for safekeeping really depends on what you personally value that directly or indirectly represents wealth.

However, over the centuries of feng shui practice, the following ingredients are so deeply entrenched in making a wealth vase that they are as good as default items to build a strong foundation for the precious vase.

Assortment of gemstone chips consisting of at least 7 different types of crystals

  • Agate
  • Amber
  • Sea shells or conch
  • Corals
  • Clear quartz
  • Gold
  • Silver

With the above items to set up strong wealth foundations as a base, you can then add items you personally associate with wealth.

If you intend to put money into the vase, then insert them into red packets, preferably with color designs that display colors of the 5 elements.

To encourage a lifetime of never having to go hungry, many practitioners promote the insertion of basic foodstuff inside such as:

  • Barley
  • Rice
  • Wheat
  • Green and red beans
  • Soya beans
  • etc

You can also add auspicious feng shui items such as:

  • Mystic knot
  • Chinese coins of the 9 emperors
  • Gold coins tied with red string
  • Pagoda
  • Celestial guardians such as the dragon tortoise or chi lin
  • Clear crystal globes and lapis lazuli globes
  • Pieces of silk cloth
  • etc

For the superstitious, common items include money, soil, or personal treasures belonging to a rich and wealthy individual.

Be mindful that these are just guidelines and common items that people use. You don’t have to follow them to the letter. In fact, tweaking it to your personal preferences would be more ideal.

Wealth vase placement

With the vase now ready, it is time to find a good place to put it.

The first thing to note is that it should not be located in a prominent place where it would be so obvious to spot by visitors and guests.

This is because it’s purpose is to quietly accumulate wealth for you instead of boasting about your wealth to others.

Saying that, the most common place to put it is what we call the primary wealth location (明财位).

This refers to the corner of a living space that is diagonally across the door into that space.

This applies whether it is the living room or bed room.

Another place to locate it is where flying star feng shui natal charts indicates the presence of the white star 8 resides as a mountain star or water star.

Whatever you do, do not place it in a sector of the house where the 5 yellow is present. And there is no need to re-locate it if it is in a space of the annual grand duke or 3 killings.

If you have doubts about directional placement, then keeping it in the northwest sector of the house is generally positive as this is where the Chien trigram sits.

And if, for some reason, you cannot get the above suggestions right, then hiding it in secret locations in the living room or bed room would do just fine.


Be mindful that this is your personal property and you should not allow anyone to tamper with it.

The items used as ingredient are the source of power. So you should source for them personally instead of outsourcing the task.

The lid of the wealth vase should also be kept on and should only be opened when you want to add more items.

When it has no lid, some practitioners recommend placing 5 thin pieces of square shaped cloth in colors of the 5 elements over the top opening and secure it with red strings.

Finally, the vase should not be filled to the brim as this would leave no space for new wealth to enter.

70% to 80% is about the maximum level that you should allow the vase to be filled up.

You can always make a new one when it is full.

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