The Waterfall Placement That Scores A 10/10

In terms of home interiors, exteriors and landscape design, the waterfall is probably the epitome of water features.

They can be majestic, appear like a wonder of nature, and just makes such a huge difference to the atmosphere of a space, be it in the garden or inside the house.

To be clear, waterfalls can be described as water features where the water flows from an elevated level to a lower level.

And while “real” water falls would have it’s structure built with stones and boulders, modern waterfall can have their structures constructed with glass, porcelain, plastic, etc.

It must be noted that we are specifically referring to waterfalls with stone structures here.

In feng shui, water features play an important role in calling for wealth luck.

Ideally a feng-shui-centric waterfall would have 6 “levels”, and at the bottom, have a considerable surface area for water to collect.

This is because the number 6 symbolizes heaven, with water wealth cascading down the levels and into the mini-pond. This allows energy to accumulate, and then for residents to tap on.

Waterfall placement should then be in the north, or any of the wealth locations identified by a feng shui practitioner.

Here’s the problem

But flying stars feng shui has something to say about that.

This is because the concept of flying stars include a critical part about mountain stars and water stars.

The former governs health and relationships, activated by the presence of mountains. The latter governs good fortune and wealth, activated by the presence of water.

If you don’t already realize, a waterfall is basically a mountain with water flowing down from it cliff.

This means that according to flying star feng shui principles, the placement of a waterfall feature would activate both the mountain and water stars residing in that particular sector of the property.

This in turn means that whatever good fortune a favorable water star can bring, it could be balanced out by the negative effects of an active but unfavorable mountain star. And the other way around.

It is actually a very common occurrence for one to be favorable while the other being unfavorable in any sector of the house.

Which is why the perfect placement of waterfalls is not a location of a house with a favorable water star, but a location where both the water and mountain stars are favorable.

For example, a period of 8 house facing direct west would have the following natal chart.

At the facing of the house, we can observe that there is an 8-8 combination of mountain and water stars.

The placement of waterfall in the west sector of the house would then be ideal as it activates both the favorable stars for the household.

From the above birth chart, we can also observe the south sector also has a favorable pairing of 1-6. This can seem like it’s also a good location to install a waterfall feature outdoors. But take note that the south is associated with the fire element. So the presence of water in this location needs to be carefully explored.

From the same natal chart of the house, it can be seen that the 3-4 star combination of mountain and water stars exist on the southwest. A waterfall constructed in this area of the front yard would mean that although the favorable academic luck brought by star 4 can be activated, the undesirable effects of the conflict star 3 would also have it’s engines started.

So remember, a waterfall has to be in a sector of the property where both mountain and water stars are advantageous for activation.

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Going for perfection with orientation

If you have feng shui OCD getting the placement of waterfall right is not anywhere near enough.

Because there is the configuration and orientation to stress yourself over.

A primary concern regarding external water features is that moving water should be observed as flowing into or towards the house instead of away from it.

So be mindful that if you are setting up the waterfall structure at the west area as indicated in the previous example, then the “flow” of water should be from a west, northwest or southwest directions.

It would look absolutely ridiculous from a feng shui perspective to see water flowing in an eastern direction out of the premises.

But there’s more!

From 8 mansions feng shui, every individual has a specific direction that is the most potent for good fortune.

This is based on your personal kua number which can be calculated yourself.

The direction we are specifically interested in is the sheng chi direction.

If for example, you have kua number 6, then your sheng chi direction is west. Making the water fall in front of the house flowing from west to east an ideal setup.

And if you have kua number 8 with the sheng chi direction of southwest, then position the waterfall a little towards the left side of the west sector to orientate the water flow from southwest to northeast.

These setup will enable your feng shui waterfall to:

  • Activate both favorable mountain star and water star
  • Have wealth water flowing into the house
  • Configure wealth water flow from your sheng chi direction

Meeting these criteria is about as good as one can get regarding the placement and positioning of a water feature.

However,scoring that 10 out of 10 is not always possible to achieve.

This is because your house might not have a natal chart with both favorable mountain and water stars in a location where a water fall can be installed. Or that you simply don’t have a personal sheng chi direction that allows a water flow towards the house.

In this cases, even though you can’t score a perfect 10 with the waterfall placement, it is critical to ensure that the location at least meets the first and most important factor.

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