6 Factors To The Ideal Outdoor Feng Shui Fish Pond

Whether it’s a fish pond, swimming pool or fountain, outdoor water features are one of the best things you can build at home to tap on general good luck.

And nothing is more zen and tranquil than a fish pond filled with gracefully fat koi fishes that greet you every morning as you walk out.

Unlike water features that are devoid of life, fish ponds add that life force element into the equation that is impossible to replicate with non-living things.

This should be easy to understand as we have often heard about the uselessness of plastic plants towards feng shui as opposed to real plants.

The challenge with keeping and maintaining live fish at home can be too much of a hassle for some homeowners to contemplate.

However, if you have already decided on having a beautiful pond in the garden to create a lush landscape at home, here are some important considerations to keep in mind when feng shui is a concern.

Before we move on, the north, east or south east are generally good areas to locate the outdoor pond. Otherwise, do consult flying star feng shui to find an ideal location.

1) Entry point to house

There is little point in building a pond in the garden landscape if the chi accumulated by it is not drawn in by the house.

Don’t get me wrong.

Ponds with aquatic life add a lot of aesthetic beauty to the landscaping.

But it would defeat the feng shui purpose if there is no entry point to the house facing the water feature.

A castle gate door for example would benefit greatly from a pond in front of it.

While a main door facing the pond would be ideal, windows can also play the part very well.

2) Embed into the ground

When we discuss outdoor water features like a fish pond, it is important to embed the pond into the ground so as to tap on earth energy,

While water ponds that are built on the ground rather than into it can reap feng shui benefits too, digging into the ground to set up the pond would be a more powerful feng shui installation.

Just be mindful to have proper drainage as torrential rain can sometimes cause such set ups to flood and overflow.

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There is no need to fully embed a pond into the ground.

For example, if the depth of the water pool is half a meter, you can have it constructed with 25cm into the ground and 25cm above it.

Take note that for setting up ponds in the house as an indoor water feature, it is not a good idea to build it into the ground as it disturbs the earth energy inside.

3) Shape of fish pond

Rectangular or square ponds are not ideal, but are acceptable if the pond is located at the east or southeast sectors of the premises.

Avoid triangular ones at all costs as that symbolizes fire energy… which clashes with water.

The best shapes for ponds are curves with no edges just like how a typical lake looks like.

Or wavy and curvy like a mini river.

4) Depth of water

A large water surface area without considerable depth is like having hands big enough to hold a gold bar but without the strength to take it with you.

It is also said that the deeper the water, the more able a family would be in keeping hold of wealth.

However, do be mindful of safety hazards when deciding on the depth of the pond.

Especially when there are children in the household.

5) Yang energy

Assuming that you would be keeping live fish in the pond, it should already be a pond that would be teeming with life and yang energy.

However to take this up another level, installing light fixtures to brighten the pond (especially at night) would help to enhance the yang energy which can add to the favorable chi that is accumulated by the pond.

Other than that, I’m sure the fishes would appreciate not having to navigate through the waters in the dark.

Adding plants would also not just increase the yang energy, but can be a beautiful sight to behold as it helps the pond blend into the landscape.

6) Cleanliness

It should go without saying that with an installation of a pond, comes with an installation of property aquatic equipment to maintain the cleanliness of the pond in the yard.

When you go around requesting contractors to quote, you might get a huge fright at the prices they sell their products and services.

At least this was what I have often experienced and heard about from homeowners.

Actually the installation of a quality pump is very easy as long as you are willing to install it DIY style.

For example, I have a friend who was quoted over $8,000 just for a pump and the installation work. This was even when the pond was already constructed. The space for the pump was also prepared.

We then proceeded to purchase a pump at the store and installed it for the fun of it.

The total money spent was less than $200.

The pond has been operating for over 5 years with no problems.

Outdoor pond

I will end this by saying again that an outdoor water feature is one of the best things you can add to the house for good feng shui.

It also ties right in with the feng shui concept which relates to the indirect spirit.

It’s not necessary to have fish in it to reap feng shui benefits. But having them would be better than without.

It helps to accumulate energy from the environment for the house and it’s inhabitant to draw on.

However, there are little things that you should get right so that the pond works in your favor.

Failing to adhere to these minute looking rules can render your fish pond redundant in terms of feng shui.

Even worse would be that it accumulates negative energy instead of the positive.

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