The Yin Yang Concept

The concept of Yin Yang is the most basic fundamental across Chinese philosophy, culture, and metaphysics. Even in spiritual and religious practice.

This means that the teachings and practice of yin ying knows no boundaries.

While people often term yang as masculine energy and yin as feminine energy, this is not totally correct.

Femininity and masculinity and are all but two aspects that are symbolized by yin and yang.

The reason why most people associate them as such is probably because male and female is the clearest tangible difference between yin and yang attributes.

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In every object, action or mentality, it can be categorized as yin or yang. Yet in every yin, there will also be traces of yang. And vice-versa.

The implication is that the pair is inseparable even when certain things are termed as one or the other.

For example, a grown male lion with all it’s aggression and strength, will still have it’s tender side when socializing and lazing around.

Even when there is extreme yang energy, the overbearing force will result in yang giving birth to yin. Thus, on it’s way to balance again. Conversely, this also occurs with yin energy.

In Chinese wisdom, a great example of this effect is the changing of the season where a particular force reaches it’s peak, then gradually shifts to another force.

This concept of yin-yang balance is the cornerstone of Tao and Taichi.

In feng shui, and especially bazi, yin and yang plays a leading role in keeping everything in order so as to achieve balance… which is the goal of these metaphysical sciences.

For example, the 10 heavenly stems are split down the center consisting of 5 yin and 5 yang. And the 12 earthly branches are made of of 6 yin and 5 yang.

These slight differences can mean a huge pivot between life aspects in the analysis of bazi’s 10 gods.

With reference to the 4 celestial animals, the dragon is elevated while the tiger is crouched.

In flying star feng shui, there is an active facing star and a passive sitting star.

In 8 mansions feng shui, there are 4 favorable sectors and 4 unfavorable sectors in each house.

We can go on and on with examples of how yin and yang dictate the fundamentals of feng shui. But there would probably be insufficient space on this page to list them all down.

The gist is that the yin yang philosophy is simple for even the average man to grasp it’s basics. So know that it is a basis for the very fundamental laws of feng shui.

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