9 Best Crystals For Good Luck

Crystals are one of the items that many people turn to for good luck.

But if you are doing just that, instead of asking what crystals you should go for, it’s better to ask yourself which aspect of life you are seeking good luck for.

Because for most gemstones, their attributes to what they are capable of are crystal clear.

It is the objectives of users that can be blurry as they are not set in stone.

When you are better able to identify what areas of life you want to enhance for better luck, the choices of crystals for display and as personal items can be quickly narrowed down.

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Here are some of the most common aspects of life which people want to improve their luck in, and what crystals are best for enhancing that luck.

Crystals for wealth

The number one life aspect that people want to improve on with feng shui is personal wealth.

The best crystal for wealth luck is pyrite.

It’s not an uncommon sight to see them place beside cash registers of retailers. Many also have them in the office, desks at home, and in the pocket.

Other types of crystals for wealth include emerald, carnelian, pyrite, etc.

Crystals for abundance

When seeking a crystal for attracting abundance in life, it is important to first determine what abundance mean to you.

The most common crystal for this is citrine. It’s an irony that they are pretty affordable to the average consumer. Yet there is never going to be a crystal store which wouldn’t stock up with it due to the demand.

It is generally a really beautiful crystal for good luck.

If you don’t like the color yellow, then other crystals to consider include jade, hawk’s eye, aventurine, amethyst, etc.

Crystals for love

The most infamous crystal for improving romance and relationship luck is rose quartz.

One of the reasons is that it’s associated with the heart chakra. Another is that it’s pink color just directly relates to our emotions.

Good placement of rose quartz is known to improve luck with quality suitors and maintain blissful harmony in existing relationships.

Alternative gemstones for love luck include amber, jasper, turquoise, etc.

Crystals for manifestation

Manifestation is not something that people don’t often go for unlike money luck or relationship luck.

This is probably why most people are not aware of peridot.

This is a powerful crystal that has long been associated with it’s manifestation prowess since ancient times.

If you have a problem finding it in the store, then labradorite and tiger’s eye are good alternatives.

Crystals for health

Ancient alchemy had determined that there are actually very specific crystals that are capable of healing very specific parts of the body.

So if you have a specific health condition, you have to diagnose it to identify what healing stones would work best for you.

Otherwise, for general good health, go no further than the crystal of longevity. Agate.

Agate is not just a gem of good health, but also a protection stone that keeps the user from harm.

Other than agate, other health crystals include hematite, onyx, opal, etc.

Crystals for happiness

Clear quartz have multiple associations with a diverse variety of life aspirations.

This is why it is the perfect stone for attracting happiness into your life.

They can also create spectacular light spectrums when placed at windows with natural light.

It no surprise that they help users decipher what really is in their minds and have more clarity before making important decisions in life.

A good substitute to clear quartz is smoky quartz.

Crystals for self love

While the notion of loving yourself first before others has been around for decades, it has really picked up steam in recent years.

Because in this crazy world we live in today that is getting more hectic by the minute, there is never going to be a best time to indulge in yourself.

The best time is… whenever you have time.

The best crystal for self-love is amazonite as it is a great balancer of energy to create a yin-yang environment.

It can also be carried around to induce a more balance energy that you carry around with you. While this might not affect the core of who you are, it affects your persona and facade which connects to your core.

Green amazonite also supposedly protects one from radiation that emits from electronics.

Other self-love stones to try include rose quartz, selenite, amethyst, etc.

Crystals for spirituality

It is often said that one will not live a full life unless he finds spirituality at some stage in life.

And there is definitely a growing trend of spiritual seekers traveling all over the world just to get in touch with a higher order.

The new-age zen lifestyle is here to stay.

A lot of crystal users swear by the power of azezulite in helping one communicate with their higher self.

Because of it’s ultra-high vibrations, it is even associated with multi-dimensions and alternate realities.

However, those who are not yet at peace with themselves should not use it as they might not be ready for the power of azezulite.

Good alternative spiritual stones include labradorite, nirvana quartz, tanzanite, etc.

Crystals for creativity

Once in a while, it is perfectly normal to run into creativity blocks where we just cannot seem to get going in creative work.

But if these occurrences happen to too often than you’d like, maybe the placement of of orange kyanite can help you get those creative juices flowing more often that you think.

This is a gemstone helps one get in touch with the manifestations of not just the world, but the universe.

If this does not work for you, other creativity crystals that might do so include lapis lazuli, celestite, carnelian, etc.

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