The Feng Shui Guide To A Northeast Facing House

Like any market that matures, feng shui has slowly niched down to more specific forms of feng shui practices in recent years.

For a lot of homeowners who have acquired basic knowledge of Chinese metaphysics out of interest and self-practice, it is no longer enough to just be practicing feng shui. These days, the school of feng shui being practiced is something that more and more people want to know about.

One such school of thought is compass school feng shui.

This is a category of feng shui that includes all practices that requires information about directions. And thus, a compass is essential to discover directional sectors of a house.

Therefore, the label compass school feng shui was coined.

If you are buying a house, or already living in a house, that has a northeast facing, you can already consider yourself lucky.

This is because since 2004 when the engine for period of 8 kicked in, the number 8 white star flies in from the northeast direction according to the original luo shu square. So for the period until February 2023, houses that face this direction would welcome in the wealth star from it’s facing.

But of course, feng shui is more than just about facing directions and requires more specificity since the layout of each house is different.

The concept of direct and indirect spirit also states that during this period, the northeast and southwest sectors of a house would enjoy good luck throughout the period should it have a mountain and water in the respective areas.

So if you are lucky enough, you’d have either a mountain in front of the house, water behind the house, or both, which would enable your home to suck in all the auspiciousness from the surroundings.

Do note that I mention this with regards to the front and back of a house that has a northeast facing.

Whether or not a homeowner enjoys this landscape feng shui at the macro level, he or she would still have to look at the micro level to fine tune the energy dynamics within the house too.

Feng shui bagua map

No matter what type of fancy sounding feng shui you have heard or read about that is trending currently, the very fundamentals of feng shui has to take precedence over the rest.

And that is the trigrams according to the bagua map.

Each of the 8 true directions, consisting of 4 cardinal and 4 ordinal, coincide with one of the 8 trigrams (八卦). And each trigram represents specific aspects of life.

To make it simpler to follow, here is a run down of the 8 trigrams.

  • North for career and middle son (kan)
  • South for recognition and middle daughter (li)
  • East for health and eldest son (chen)
  • West for family and youngest daughter (tui)
  • Northeast for academics and youngest son (ken)
  • Northwest for mentors and patriarch (chien)
  • Southeast for wealth and eldest daughter (sun)
  • Southwest for relationships and matriarch (kun)

As can be observed from the above information, each trigram also symbolizes a person. Some represents individuals that are not present in a household.

For example, if a household only consist of a married couple without children, then the most important areas would only be the northwest and southwest. And if there are two daughters in the family, then the Sun and Tui areas of southeast and west becomes relevant too.

This is an important simple exercise to go through because a house is going to have various areas that are generally undesirable in feng shui.

These include missing corners, toilets, storerooms, etc.

The layout configuration is to have the undesirable areas located in the trigram areas that are not applicable.

From the previous example, a missing corner at the north is not going to directly impact anyone specifically since there are no sons in the household. Should there be a middle son and the missing sector exist at the north, then he is going to be burdened with bad luck until the issue is resolved.

Let’s not forget that each sector is also associated with certain life aspects.

So even if there are no sons in the family, and a toilet is located at the north, working adult in the household can suffer a lack of success and progression in their careers.

The silver lining is that you enhance career with other feng shui concepts that would be discussed later. But it would be tough to reverse the bad luck suffered by a member of the household should bad luck befall him or her due to their personal trigram areas being afflicted with toilets or missing areas.

8 mansions feng shui

8 mansions feng shui is about dividing a house into 8 energy sectors consisting of 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious.

A northeast facing house would be sitting on southwest. And would have the following energy map.

The sectors labeled SC, FW, TY and YN are good sectors and can be used to locate active areas like the living room, dining room, bedrooms, or study areas, etc.

Because of the reverse nature of kitchens in 8 mansions, it can be located in one of the bad sectors. The other 3 sectors can be used to situate wash rooms, storerooms, the garage and missing corners, etc.

Remember that we previously mentioned that career luck can be enhanced with other concepts of feng shui?

Well the Sheng Chi (SC) sector is the area that governs success and wealth luck.

So if you keep this area clutter free, filled with activities, and with an opening such as a door or window, then you’d be able to harness good luck in that respect.

Coincidentally, the SC sector of a house facing northeast is at the facing. This makes the northeast an ideal area to construct the front door which opens into the living room.

This is usually enough for basic feng shui to be conducted on a house.

But for more refinement, we should look at flying stars feng shui as well.

Flying stars feng shui

Flying stars feng shui brings more variables into the picture for us to scrutinize. It also drags time dynamics onto the table as well.

This is why every feng shui master today has to be proficient in it’s applications even if they don’t practice it… because homeowners expect and demand it.

A property facing northeast directly built during the period of 8 would have the following natal chart.

Is this house good or bad?

For those who are new to flying star feng shui, this might not seem like a favorable birth chart of a house, especially when we take into consideration that the main entrance to house was suggested to be at the northeast area previously.

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This is because the dreaded 5 yellow is present in this area represented by the number on the top right corner of the grid on the northeast.

However, this north east facing house has an overwhelmingly auspicious natal chart called a parent string that belongs to a special category of energy maps.

In addition, the timely star 8 is the acting mountain star and the facing and acting water star at the sitting.

This plays nicely into the direct and indirect spirit theory which was mentioned at the beginning of this article.

So a house with this energy map has huge potential to bring unrivaled good luck to it’s owners if the floor plan and interior design makes the most of it.

Because there are probably 101 possible floor plan configurations that can be implemented on a house, it is impossible to advise you what you can do to maximize the positive energy such a house can harness.

However, it can be clearly observed that the northeast sector would a great area for the front door and living room, the master bedroom can go into the west or northwest sectors, and the kitchen is probably best located at the south.

Just be mindful that this does not account for various other factors such as whether there are sha chi in these areas, the views out the windows, bazi, etc.

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