8 Ways To Counter Sha Chi Coming From The Window View

Sometimes a big reason why people buy a particular home (especially in a high rise building) is the magnificent view that it offers from the windows or main door.

But other times, these breathtaking views can expose the house to so much sha chi that the fortune of the household is doomed.

I’m sure many have heard about corners of buildings, straight roads or roof-tops of other buildings causing harm to the feng shui of a house.

There are actually various other types of sha chi that can arise from external structures.

Failing to manage them effectively can handicap the foundational energy of a house, leaving it unable to harness good energy.

Let’s say you bought a home only to realize later that you did not notice the land form “peeping tom” poison arrow clearly visible from the full length window. Or that you bought a house fully knowing that there is a “sky axe” sha chi pointing at the house, and that you could remedy it later.

So what can you do to block or fend off these powerful sources of poison arrows?

1) Curtains

The most basic for most feng shui predicaments follows the simple rule of “what you can’t see can’t hurt you”.

By using day and night curtains, one can effectively block out the view, which would drastically reduce the negative effects of such negative energy.

Some people even go to the extreme of using blinds so as not to allow even a single beam of light to sieve through.

The problem with such setups is that you effectively remove the great view which might have been a big reason to buy the property in the first place.

You also deprive the house of yang qi from the sun.

An alternative might be more acceptable.

2) Stickers

In apartments at a high floor with a city view, poison arrows emitting from mega structures are often only observable on the lower parts of the window.

So if one is to block off the whole window wind blinds, it would be like bring a gun to a knife fight.

Using window stickers to only screen off the lower portion of the window would be more than sufficient to remove the view of the sha chi structures.

This helps to defend the house from the sha chi. At the same time it allows sun light to enter the living room so that the premises is not deprived of yang chi.

On top of that, stickers can be selected for specific colors, designs, or containing certain symbols, that are beneficial to the house or residents.

For example, if the living room with the window view is at the north sector of the house, then a water color of blue or black can help energize the water energy already present.

Or if you want to help your daughter find a a boyfriend, the window sticker can contain floral motifs of peony flowers.

3) Plants

The use of plants to create a natural barrier against sha chi is a very appropriate remedy when the view is in the balcony.

Setting up a vegetation wall in the living room is not generally a good idea.

But the balcony is more than suitable as it is outdoors.

They get to feed off the sun, replenish oxygen levels with photosynthesis, and shield the house from hostile building structures in the vicinity.

Just be mindful not to buy plants with thorns like roses.

4) Aquarium

A bubbling aquarium has the ability to create a “water wall” in the house.

After all, it is often said in feng shui that chi slows down and accumulates when it meets water. Qi is then better distributed when meandering.

An aquarium water feature erects an invisible wall of energy that can be an effective counter against harmful energy entering the house.

Set it up near the window.

However, beware of leaving the fish in the sun.

They might get cooked!

5) Wind chimes

Wind chimes are only suitable as an elemental cure depending on which direction the poison arrows come from.

In this respect, the material of the wind chime plays a primary role.

Metal windchimes are suitable for view facing the northeast or southwest, earth wind chimes like crystals are suitable for the south, bamboo (wood) wind chimes are appropriate for the north, etc.

This follows the cycle of exhaustion as in the 5 elements.

I don’t recommend wind chimes for such purposes as I lean towards them being enhancers instead.

But I’m aware of feng shui masters who advocate this. So I just listed it here.

6) Bagua mirror

We have now entered the realm of symbolic feng shui.

The bagua mirror (八卦镜) is by far the most infamous remedy for apartments and houses encountering a barrage of attack from external poison arrows.

Just hang it at the open view window facing out. It would be able to offer protection.

Take note that bagua mirrors come in both convex and concave mirrors.

The former is supposed to minimize the sha chi while the latter is meant to reflect and blast sha chi back to where it came from.

Concave mirrors are more hostile to neighbors compared to convex ones.

7) 9 palace 8 gua

This is a variation of the bagua mirror that incorporate the 9 palaces into the bagua as a display symbol.

Other than the extra palaces, the main difference between the 9 palace 8 gua (九宫八卦) and bagua mirror is that the former is not necessarily a mirror.

It can exist as an amulet, artifact, mirror, or painting which is meant to be hung on window areas too.

Some people might find the design is more aesthetic compared to the typical bagua mirror.

8) Mountain sea formation

The mountain sea formation (山海镇) is a particular design art of mountains and the sea.

The picture, painting or engraving consist of the 8 trigrams, 5 mountains and the sea below.

It is often only suggested by feng shui practitioners when the external sha chi is overwhelming.

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In other words, this is a very powerful symbol. And one shouldn’t enlist it unless absolutely necessary.

Otherwise, you would be playing with fire.

Not all city views have sha chi

While poison arrows fired from building structures are common in urban landscapes, it must be said that not all city views are harmful to an apartment residence.

Sometimes they are automatically remedied by other structures in proximity out of coincidence.

Sometimes they are too far and distant to cause any real sha chi to impact the house.

Sometimes the nature of sha chi can even be converted into sheng chi.

However if you are unsure, the best move is to err on the side of caution.

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