Applying The Feng Shui Bagua Map To The House

The feng shui bagua map is a popular method for applying basic feng shui at home, in the office, or even in retail stores.

In order to fully understand the metaphysical science behind it, one would have to at least comprehend the basic meanings behind the 8 trigrams.

After all, bagua translates to 八卦 in Chinese, and it literally means the 8 trigrams.

On top of that, because the later heaven arrangement of trigrams in the bagua follows the sequence of flying stars, flying stars feng shui basics will also play an important role in applying the bagua map on a house.

This also means that the implications and relationships of the 5 elements come into play as well.

There are 3 most common ways to the superimpose feng shui bagua map to on a house.

Classical compass

The classical compass method places a 360° compass on top of the floor plan of the house.

It should be aligned with the directions the property is sitting and facing.


Notice that there is no center. And that energy sectors of a house can take up portions of different rooms.

Classical grid

The classical grid is like the compass method, except that the circular compass is replaced by a grid of 9 equal squares.

The key difference between this and the classical compass is that this method accounts for the center. This makes it possible for practitioners to enhance energy present in this area.

BTB bagua

Known as the black sect tantric buddhism, or black hat feng shui, the BTB bagua map is overlayed onto a floor plan based on where the main door to the house is located.

Also known in some circles as the western bagua or BTB bagua, it is used by aligning the back of the front door with the bottom grids of the bagua map.

With that said, below is the western bagua in grid form incorporated into a house.

Take note that using the btb feng shui bagua map for is a concept by itself. So it is neither flying stars, 8 mansions, landform, etc.

So some of the things about it might contrast with some of the stuff you have heard or learned about other schools of thought.

The reason being… it is it’s own concept.

The very first unique feature of it, which is a big one is that it does not take directions into consideration.

This means that no matter which directions your front door faces or where the facing of the house points to, the feng shui bagua map stays true to itself and hold firm.

I have to say that I have reservations about it. We don’t practice it as it seem to contradict a lot of sound feng shui principles. But I do acknowledge the widespread use of it.

The 9 aspects of life that each square represents is similar to the 8 aspirations of the yang bagua of the later heaven arrangement.

The exception being the center which is void in the yang bagua.

However the use of the yang bagua is based on directions while the btb bagua is based on the front door.

It is as if the btb bagua assumes the front door of the house as the north by default, even if that is not true.

Points to consider

Take note that traditionally, a classical 360° compass map is superimposed onto a layout aligned with direction measurements to demarcate the different segments of a house. This takes the form of a circle placed onto of the floor plan of the house instead of grids like we are discussing here.

Part of this reason is that the Chinese believe that the circle represents heaven and square represents earth.

The house which is already square in shape represents earth, while a circular compass map represents heaven.

Therefore, feng shui is what connects the two together.

However, the use of grids have slowly become very widespread.

Once the map is applied to the floor plan of the place in question like a transparent overlay, then it would be abundantly clear to the residents what each section of the place represents. And where they need to feng shui in order to harness the nature of energy that resides there.

The main ways to invigorate and energize the area is with the simple application of relationships between elements with reference to the base element found in the sector as described by the feng shui bagua map.

Enhancing the sectors

As observed in the grid map, different sections of a house will have different types of energy that symbolizes different aspects of life.

So different methods of enhancement has to be used to supercharge specific sections.

The below does not take into account flying star feng shui.

Kun – Love and relationships

This SW sector is representative of love, marriage, and relationships. Above all, it represents the matriarch or mother in the household.

Because this is an earth element sector, it can be activated with red or pink object, furniture and fittings.

This is because red is symbolic of fire, and fire strengthens earth.

It would also be a nice touch to have display items in pairs such as the mandarin ducks, swans, flamingos, etc.

Earth tones or earth related colors like yellow and orange can also help to emphasize the status of Kun in this section.

Tui – Children and fruition

The Tui sector at W represents joy with children, legacy, and seeing things to fruition.

It also refers to the youngest daughter or young females.

Since this is an area of metal, it can be enhanced with colors and display object representative of earth or metal.

For example, a wind chime with 7 metal rods can vitalize this area with it’s metallic presence and 7 rods signifying the number 7 associated with the trigram.

As it also an area of seeing things to fruition, paintings or pictures of motivation can be suitable to be placed here.

Chien – Friends and vitality

At the NW the Chien trigram represents the patriarch of the household and male seniors.

Harnessing this sector also improves luck with people including mentors and partners.

This would be a good area to hang pictures of people you respect.

However, if the person you respect is female, you might want to consider putting up the picture in the Kun area instead.

Since this is a metal sector like Tui, galvanizing this area is pretty similar.

If you use metal wind chimes, use one with 6 rods instead as this is the number for Chien.

Kan – Career

While there are various characteristics of Kan, wealth and career is the overwhelmingly dominant feature at N.

It also refers to the middle son.

This is definitely an area which one has to be careful with because it is a trigram that is generally associated with adversity when used wrongly.

To enhance this area with water element, water features or aquariums can be located here.

When that is not possible, consider situating paintings of calm water on the wall.

Metal which gives birth to water can also have a presence here.

If the main door of the house is in this area, then it can result in constant cash flow coming in and out. Which can be a reflection of residents’ careers.

Ken – Inner-strength and self-reflection

The Ken trigram signifies a period of solitude and calm strength at NE.

Symbolic of young men and the youngest son, this sector of a house has a subtle earth energy base.

Because of this, it can be tapped on by young men for studious behavior and academic achievements.

This state of tranquility also resemble the link between beginnings and endings towards perfection.

Like the Kun sector which is also earth based, it can be enhanced with furnishing and monuments representative of fire or earth.

Libraries can be set up here. Symbols of academic achievement and wisdom like a globe can also be displayed.

Chen – Health and harmony

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When the Chen trigram is untimely due to flying stars, it is a space at E to keep in check rather than to enhance.

This is because it can be unpredictable in behavior when left to itself.

So it’s not so much about improving health and harmony to residents, but for preventing bad health and disharmony.

Because this sector has an elemental base of wood, one can use wood and water to energize it if needed.

To exhaust this segment of a house, it is best to use fire so that it will be busy using it’s energy to feed fire instead of igniting disharmony.

At the same time, as fire is hazardous, it is best to go subtle than with big impact.

Chen represent the eldest son.

Sun – Prosperity and money

Sun signifies being close to completion. This implies that wealth and prosperity can be so close that giving up now can be a foolish act.

The Sun trigram at SE represents the eldest daughter and should be a place to focus on if she is a specific concern of a family.

It can also be interpreted as an area of passion, expression, and intensity.

Having a wood elemental base, it can be stimulated with things that represent water or wood.

For example the placement of an indoor money plant here can put the spotlight on the area to bring you prosperity.

Wealth related items like a feng shui wealth vase, ancient Chinese coin replicas, merchant ships filled with gold ingots, etc, can be ideal.

Li – Status and recognition

Li represents the middle daughter and a sector of status at S.

This is a place you want to enhance if you are desire a promotion, more recognition at work, or an upgrade in social status.

Because it is an area where fire resides, it can be enhanced with furniture and decorations related to fire and wood.

Red, purple, and green.

It would also be a good place to display trophies, hang framed professional certificates, victory banners, and symbols of success in general.

Limitations of western feng shui bagua map

While the practice of applying the western feng shui bagua map to the house is common, it does not take into account directions and time dimensions.

This makes it less dynamic compared to other schools of thought.

So even though it can be useful for basic feng shui, especially when directions cannot be measured for one reason or another, it is not the most potent form of geomancy a homeowner, landlord or tenant can use on the house or office.

At the very least, it is suggested that a basic knowledge of flying stars feng shui and it’s 9 stars is incorporated so that the energy sectors of a place can be scrutinized in more detail.

A tip that you might find useful is that should you feel that the energy in a house is a little “off” or just don’t feel right after implementation of the btb bagua, maybe you should measure the directions of the house and align the feng shui bagua map with the directions.

Using this new energy map of the property, revisit the suggestions discussed about how to tap onto the energy in each specific sector.

This single tweak can have drastic effects.

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