6 Big Knife Blades Of Interior Form Feng Shui

Interior form feng shui has some of the most interesting concepts of feng shui to a new learner.

They can often use funny and weird terms to label things.

The metaphors of swords, arrows, and knives are usually appropriately named so that a learner can quickly realize how serious certain feng shui ailments are. And action needs to be taken so that they are remedied.

There are 6 big knives of interior feng shui.

They can be present in any house no matter how much has been spent on renovations or total reconstruction.

So you might want to learn about them so that you can avoid them when possible.

1) Staircase

The zig-zag appearance on the side of staircase steps is what is called the stair knife (梯刀).

Whether one resides in front of you, behind you, or beside you does not affect it’s hostile potency at all.

What matters is that as long as this home interior sha chi with saw-like teeth is in the space, it’s going to cause some type of chaos to the life aspects associated with the space in question.

The simple cure is to build a wall or use curtains to cover up the jagged forms of the stairs.

2) Protruding corners

This particular poison arrow is very common with most dwellings.

Pillar knives (柱刀) are the protruding corners of pillars and columns that are angled outwards.

While they are the most common among the types of poison arrows that are found in residences, they don’t always cause feng shui afflictions.

This means that if the corner is not facing anything of significance at home such as the bed or dining table, then there is really no need to remedy it as it is not causing any problems.

When afflicted, one can install mirrors on it to visually remove it from the premises. Or position plants in front of it to hide the malicious corner.

3) Beams

Beam knives (樑刀) are skeletal structures of a building that are exposed at the ceiling area.

While they maintain the structural integrity of the building and do not cause any real practical problems to inhabitants of the living space, they do cause feng shui problems and need to be alleviated.

They are most common as beams above bed, above the sofa, above the wealth corner, etc.

They act as a downward pressing pressure on people resting underneath and can especially cause health problems to residents.

When one is present at your bedroom or the house in general, the best way to eliminate it once and for all is to build false ceilings to cover up the beam.

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Otherwise, it would be best to explore other placement options for the furniture or fixtures underneath such poison knives.

Also be mindful that if the area below the beam is not a space that is in use, then there’s no real necessity to have the fixture remedied.

4) Arched door ways

An arched door way (拱刀) or wall can provide a vintage and classy look to the home interiors. But it’s curved shape and form brings a sickle blade into the house.

They are not recommended at all indoors, and the area where such an arched structure is built would surely be afflicted.

What that particular area is associated with would determine who and what life aspects it would negatively affect.

If it is at the east area of the house for example, household members can suffer from bad health. With young women particularly vulnerable.

It is also generally associated with legal conflicts. Minor afflictions can mean something as simple as regularly picking up parking tickets. While serious problems can be in the form of lawsuits or problems with the authorities.

The only real solution to arches is with remodeling to remove them either by installing straight frames over the curved areas, or to destroy and dismantle them.

You can add curtains. But that can obstruct the pathway which is a passage for chi.

5)Standalone pillars

A living space such as a living room with a standalone pillar is like a needle (針刀) piercing the body.

In feng shui, this ailment is also often referred to as chuan xin sha (穿心煞) which translates to heart piercing sha.

Inhabitants of this area can become prone to major and minor injuries, or fall sick often.

If this is a wealth area, money luck would basically be killed.

Various methods of eliminating this feng shui issue can be found in the topic about standalone pillars.

6) Fluorescence lighting

Not all fluorescence lighting fixtures are bad feng shui. What practitioners are wary of are those that are long like a tube (燈刀).

These shapes of lighting creates a lightsaber that is akin to the blades of a sword.

The good news is that they are slowing going out of fashion with the new generation of home owners.

When they become afflictions, it most often occurs when they are positioned above beds. This means that a resident would be bombarded by it’s hostile force every time he or she is in bed.

It is best to remove and replace them with other types of lighting.

Almost every other shape of lighting would be better than types that are depicted in the image above.

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