The Sky Axe Is One Of The Most Hostile Sha Chi To Avoid

There are hundreds of feng shui ailments that a person or house can succumb to. But some carry grave danger and have a famous name for themselves.

Fire at heavens gate and the centipede (pylon) are examples of just two of them.

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And there is one external structural sha chi that is one of damndest of them all is the sky axe.

It is called tian zhan sha (天斬煞) in Mandarin which literally means sky slash. But different feng shui masters have used different terms to refer to it including:

  • Sky crack
  • Crack in the sky
  • Sky cutting sha
  • Wind tunnel
  • etc

I prefer to call it a sky axe as it resembles a downward slash of a powerful axe.

The sky axe is a reference to two buildings being built very close next to each other. Thus, creating a narrow gap in between that funnels hostile chi.

Houses or shops that are located directly in front of these axes would suffer wealth loss and health problems.

It can cause dramatically negative feng shui effects that are comparable to being afflicted by the 5 yellow. This also means that if the direction of the axe is from a direction where the 5 yellow is for the year, household residents must be prepared for a very bad year ahead.

From the facing of the house, if the axe is on the left, men in the house would bear the heaviest burden of bad luck. When it is present on the right, women would suffer. A direct hit from the front can potentially cause total wealth loss.

A house is most afflicted when a sky crack is visible from the main door or from any of the windows.

If possible, properties suffering from sky cracks should be avoided as much as possible.

This means that if you are a home seeker and found a lovely house that you’d like to purchase, it should still be avoided if it has a sky axe for example at the front door. This might go against your feelings towards the property as it can seem like your dream home. But if feng shui is a concern, then walking away is something that must be seriously considered.

However, if you already live in a residence suffering from this adverse sha chi, then the only thing you can do is to manage the problem when it is at the front door or in the window view.

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