The Rules Of Fireplace Feng Shui

It must be the various classic movies and TV shows that we have grown up watching that embeds the fireplace in a special place in our hearts.

Because even though the traditional fireplace has slowly been replaced by modern heaters and appliances, some people still desire to create that rustic interior look that can only be achieved by the presence of a fireplace… even though most of those that are built these days just look like one…

Because a fireplace actually brings real actual fire into the house (just like a stove for the kitchen), if you are into feng shui, then it must come instinctively to you that this is going to have an effect on the energy dynamics of the premises… that is unless you are constructing a fake fireplace without any fire.

There’s really nothing to be embarrassed about having a FAKE fireplace. Sometimes reasons concerning safety, maintenance and housekeeping are more important aspects to factor in rather than authenticity.

So if you have installed a fireplace, or thinking about where to place one, what are some of the feng shui issues that you need to consider?

1) Northwest and west

The taboo areas of the house to have open fire are the northwest and west by default.

This is because these two directional sectors are inherently of metal element and would be destroyed by intrusive fire.

The severity of these afflictions can be somewhat observed in the fire at heavens gate scenario where the kitchen has entered the northwest. Causing extreme bad luck to the patriarch of the house.

The difference this time is that the fire place is not a home fixture that is used as often as the kitchen stove.

Usage of a fireplace tends to be concentrated during winter. Especially when you are setting up the Christmas tree next to it for that photo moment.

It can thus be deduced that while the harm a fireplace does to feng shui is present, it is not as destructive as something like having water in the south since it is only used sparingly over the course of a year.

However, if the option is available to you, do avoid locating it at the northwest, west and north.

2) The 5 yellow

In flying stars feng shui, the most fearsome star that sometimes give master practitioners insomnia is the 5 yellow.

Fire element fused with the 5 yellow would inevitably give the naughty star strength and the ego to run riot in the premises.

While the 5 yellow is often spoken of in the context of annual stars and afflictions, this is not a meaningful approach to the placement of a fireplace as it is a permanent fixture.

This means that the movement of the annual 5 yellow should be countered with remedies and cures.

It should not determine the location of the fireplace because no matter where you locate the fire place, the annual 5 yellow would eventually end up in that location for a period of time.

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Saying this, if you intend to stay in a house for only a few years, it is actually possible to avoid the 5 yellow star from entering the space of the fire place.

Just locate the fireplace where the annual star 4 is. Then you would have a good 8 years before the cyclic movement of stars brings the the misfortune star into the location.

But back to the main point.

In the context of feng shui fireplace placement, the location of the 5 yellow as described by flying star feng shui as mountain and water stars should take precedence over everything else.

For example, if a house was built in the year 1981, it would belong in the period of 7. If it has a facing of W1, then it would have the below natal chart.

As can be observed in the natal chart above, 5 yellow is a mountain star at the center and a water star at the north.

This means that the fireplace is best located away from those sectors of the house.

And if you have feng shui OCD, then it should avoid west and southwest as well as those areas reside the sickness star 2.

3) The 8 white

As opposed to the 5 yellow which is generally agreed to be the most inauspicious star, the 8 white (or egg white for those with a sense of humor) is indisputably the most auspicious star.

The funny thing is that, just like the 5 yellow, it is charged by the presence of fire.

Only this time, instead of causing misfortune like it’s naughty brother, it brings good fortune.

So if it is possible, find the location of the star 8 where it is the resident water star.

From the example above, it would take up position at the south east. So that would be an ideal location to set up the fireplace.

4) Pictures above fireplace

Many homeowners would also hang family pictures above the fireplace as the wall space in this area can look rather empty.

This should be avoided unless you don’t mind roasting your family like a barbecue party.

I recommend a brick wall or if some artwork would drastically improve the aesthetics, go with motifs.

Earth walls are in harmony with the fire element and they serve as mountains to keep the flames contained. It can add a fair bit of earth energy to a living space too.

5) Mirror above fireplace

I don’t know where this cure of putting a mirror above the fireplace to manage feng shui afflictions came from. But it seems that everybody is advocating putting a mirror above the fireplace to remedy every possible affliction.

The logic behind this is that the mirror’s reflective surface resembles that attribute of water.

Thus, the presence of a mirror above the fire would represent water gaining control over fire.

As stated previously I can’t pinpoint where or how this concept came from.

If the kitchen sink should not be situated beside the stove, then why is it okay to have a “water” mirror directly above the fireplace?

But even though I don’t totally agree with it, I would acknowledge that this is a widespread practice in many households.

Just be mindful that if you are going to do this, take note of the various mistakes of mirror placement.

Finally, remember that when you are deciding whether to install a fireplace inside the house do factor in whether there are children around.

Especially with mechanical fireplaces, children tend to have a fascination with fire until the moment they get burnt.

So do factor in safety hazard concerns before giving the go-ahead with your contractor.

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