Taboo Elements That Clash With Each Direction

We often hear about elemental clashes spoken about in feng shui as if they are cardinal rules that MUST be followed.

Some of which include “no water at the south” or “no fire at the north west”.

While some phrases describing clashes with directions are more popular than others, each directional sector of a house would fundamentally clash with certain elements, and in turn, present feng shui afflictions that has to be managed.

When we talk about these types of clashes between directions and elements, we mention them with reference to elements destroying the base element present in a particular directional area.

Not the other way around where directional elements destroy an intrusive element.

Here is a list of the elemental clashes with the 8 directions.

North clashes with earth

The north has the elemental foundations of the water element. And therefore is vulnerable to attacks from earth element.

When earth energy that huge boulders bring for example, comes into the north sector, then it could present a problem.

This would put the brakes on career developments in the household as this sector is associated with that aspect of life.

The family member who might suffer the most from this affliction is the middle son which is represented by the Kan trigram.

Health ailments concerning the shin, gall bladder, bladder, feet and kidneys can befall family members, especially those sleeping in a bedroom in this sector of the house.

South clashes with water

The south is an area of fire energy and would therefore have it’s life doused when it meets water energy.

This can maybe come in the form of a fish pond, faucets, or even toilets.

As such, luck with recognition, status, and authority can be compromised when there is a strong water presence in this sector of a house.

Among members of the household, the middle daughter can be most vulnerable to the adverse effects of such an affliction.

Health-wise, pay particular attention to the forehead, small intestines, mouth and heart.

East clashes with metal

Metal meeting wood is like an axe chopping into timber. So it’s no exaggeration to use the metaphor of metal slashing away at wood.

As the east is associated with health aspects within the premises, household member can be prone to injuries and illnesses repetitively when this clash of the elements is not remedied in any way.

Some examples of the presence of metal can be metal sculptures, metal furniture, metal structures, etc.

Family members associated with the east includes the eldest son. Which means that when this area is afflicted, he might bear the heaviest burden of bad luck.

Body parts vulnerable to health problems include the head, gall bladder, bile duct, liver, and shoulders.

West clashes with fire

As the west is fundamentally of metal energy base, it would be melted down into molten by fire.

The west is the home of the Tui trigram which represents the youngest daughter. So she would be the weakest link when this area is afflicted with elemental clashes.

Because the west is the sacred space of family harmony, the household could see conflicts occurring frequently when strong fire enters this area.

Health concerns can center around the muscles, large intestines, lungs and chest area.

Northeast clashes with wood

Earth energy tends to come under intense hostile pressure from wood energy when the two meet.

This is a reason why when the 2 black or 5 yellow meets wooden stars or objects with a strong presence such as plants or hardwood flooring, the negative stars can be aggravated, triggered, or even activated.

The northeast is associated with the youngest son and therefore should be kept clear of obstacles if your are concerned about his prospects at school or at work.

In alchemy, this direction represents the spleen and bile duct.

Northwest clashes with fire

Like the westerly direction, the northwest also gets gazumped by fire. This feng shui affliction is famously known as fire at heavens gate.

Since this sector of the house concerns mentors, benefactors and powerful friends, get ready to run out of luck meeting these people when the northwest is afflicted.

Even if you were to meet them, it would be tough to obtain their help and guidance to navigate life and career.

As this sector symbolizes the patriarch, the man of the house would be most susceptible to the adverse effects of affliction.

For health problems, pay attention to the stomach and kidneys.

Southeast clashes with metal

Similar to the eastern home sector, the southeast is wood base and exposed to attacks from metal energy.

The trigram Sun is found here, associating it with the eldest daughter.

The southeast is also one of the basic wealth locations of the house and should therefore be free from any directional or elemental clashes.

Stomach or heart issues can be linked to afflictions found in these areas.

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Southwest clashes with wood

The southwest makes up part of the diagonal earth axis that is present in every house. It is therefore severely weakened by wood.

It represents the matriarch of the house and governs the area of love and romance.

Clashes can result in health issues with spleen and large intestines.

How to remedy clashes

We have been talking about so many clashes so far concerning the 8 directions. So the question on your mind might be how to resolve these elemental conflicts for wreaking havoc at home.

There are 3 basic ways to manage these types of afflictions.

1) Strengthen the base element

When the base element of a directional sector to significantly stronger than the intrusive element, then it would be better able to withstand the attacks of the latter.

For example, when the north is empowered by more water such as water features, minor attacks from earth stones would bounce off it like rubber pellets on reinforced armor.

This is one reason why we often hear about feng shui masters recommending aquariums placed in the north.

2) Avoid clash elements

The intuitive prevention measure to take is to avoid placing clash elements on the conflicting areas.

For example having the kitchen stove at the west would burn down the Tui trigram.

The simple remedy is not to locate the kitchen in that area of the house.

3) Harmonize conflicting elements

A third way to alleviate the forces of these elements from hostilities is to harmonizing them by introducing a catalyst element to bring a truce.

For example, the east (wood) would conflict with metal. The introduction of water would bring harmony into the region as metal would feed water which in turn would nurture the growth of wood.

There are of course, various other feng shui methods to resolve these clashes of elements with directional home sectors. But the 3 basic ways should be enough to give you an idea of the concepts behind managing them.

Finally, remember that feng shui afflictions affects all homes.

So such feng shui ailments are not unique to you.

As long as you manage them correctly, their negative impacts on life aspects can be minimized or even completely eliminated.

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