What Harm Does The Buttlerfly Door Do In Feng Shui

The main door is one of the 3 most important aspects of a house when it comes to feng shui.

In fact, every door is significant in a property as they serve as entry and exit points of energy within the premises.

When planned right they can allow the smooth and gentle flow of chi throughout the various areas of a house. And when they are placed wrong, they can create sha chi that can be difficult to eliminate since they are fixed fixtures.

The butterfly door formation (蝴蝶門) is one such arrangement that is deemed very inauspicious in feng shui.

This configuration describes two doors side-by-side to each other with hinges at the side closer to the other door. Thus, giving them both a symmetrical swinging action. Like the flapping wings of a butterfly.

Pictures tell a thousand words. Here is an example of a butterfly door configuration below.

Whether the two doors lead into the same room or different rooms is immaterial. The critical factor is that when the forms exist, then the sha chi is present.

When a living space is afflicted by this door arrangement, it can lead to various minor obstacles in life. They won’t cause catastrophic problems, but household members would often run into little problems that prevent smooth sailing in their endeavors. It can also ignite conflicts and arguments between family members.

When one or both the doors lead to the bedroom, it can induce romance luck leaning more towards relationship scandals to befall the occupant of that room. Young people are more prone to this affliction than elders.

There are very limited remedies for this affliction as there is not much space to work, and doors are fixtures that can’t exactly be relocated at a snap of the fingers.

So this type of sha chi is best prevented at the stage of construction planning.

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If you have this feng shui issue presently at home, and relocating the door is too much trouble and too costly to undertake, then the only solution is symbolic feng shui.

Either place emperor coins above the door area, or hang gourds.

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