Dragon Zodiac (1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)

The dragon is the only zodiac sign among the twelve that is a celestial creature. The rest are all earth animals that still exist today.

It symbolizes destiny and an irresistible force of a higher being.

So tightly tied together are the dragon and China that the country is often expressed with dragons in comics, mass media, news reports, etc.

The dragon is so deeply embedded in Chinese legends and literature that it is impossible to conclusively list down all references to it.

It is also frequently used in Chinese idioms, phrases, metaphors, names, etc.

From the Han dynasty onwards, dragons are symbols representing the Emperor or Son of Heaven (天子).

Even the infamous martial artist Bruce Lee has the chinese name 李小龍 where 龍 means dragon.

Being the ultimate symbol of yang energy, the popularity of the dragon and it’s connotation with good fortune means that in years of the dragons, they will certainly be a rush to have dragon babies within the Chinese population.

So it wouldn’t be surprising if it is found that dragon zodiacs among the Chinese people have the highest numbers amount the 12 animal signs.

Together with the white tiger, the green dragon is a pair that hold the right and left positions of a house in landscape feng shui.

The dragon hours are between 0700 to 0900. The sign Chen (辰) is also related to the Guai (叏) hexagram, and the trigram Sun.

Chen is yang earth (陽土) and can also be translated to mean beauty and to shake.

It is associated with the later period of Spring in the months of April to May.

In Chinese medicine, Chen can refer to the body parts of stomach and those related to it.

It sits on a southeast direction at 112.5° – 127.5°.

It comes in as the fifth of 12 zodiacs, fundamentally associated with wood element, related to spring season, and the month of April.


Wise, benevolent, charismatic, masterly,, honorable, compassionate.


Merciless, discontented, inflexible, defiant,, egoistic.


The dragon is a versatile individual and adaptable to every situation.

However this does not mean that he has high emotional intelligence as he can often be tactless creating an arrogant aura around himself.

With a deadly combination of charisma and ego, he is never one to back down from a challenge and can become nonsensical just to win an argument.

While he craves the limelight, he can often pretend that that’s not what he wants.

A straight-forwardness about them can often be judged as arrogance.

Love life

The dragon is driven by principles even with affairs of the heart.

This means that he might not compromise his beliefs even when pressed by a partner for decisions like marriage.

In fact, partners of the dragon horoscope might often find themselves being a second or third priority.

Otherwise, the charismatic nature of dragons tend to have a host of romantic options to go with.

Relationships with others

Romantically compatible zodiacs include Monkey, Rat, Snake, Rooster.

Compatible friends include Pig, Tiger, Goat.

Incompatible zodiacs are rabbit, Ox, Dog, and other dragons.

This is mostly based on the more dynamic interactions between zodiacs in bazi.


Those born in the dragon year are filled with ambition.

And their desire to attain their life goals can often mean that relationships take a back seat.

However, they truly believe that this should be the way it is and their charismatic nature would be able to convince their partners that the way they view has it’s merits.

They are cautious yet bold when the time is right.

Those who are able to master a meticulous habit will go very far in the career.


The best marriage years for the dragon zodiac are generally said to be the years of the Rat, Monkey and Rooster.

The best months are the third, seventh, eighth and eleventh months. The best dates for celebrations are the 11th day of the 7th month and the 8th day of the 8th month.

The 9th day of the 9th month should be avoided for holding important events.

5 Elemental Dragons

According to the year that a dragon baby was born, an element is associated to the child.

This can have different implications to the astrology reading of the child.

Wood dragon (1964)

The wood dragon likes to fantasize yet never forgets what is logical. They are romantics but it can be tough to get them to commit. Except for occasional rogue waves, life should be fairly smooth sailing.

This is a gentle dragon on first impression. Many would even perceive this as elegance and class. But don’t test the waters as they can explode with rage and vengeance when crossed.

Fire dragon (1976)

The fire dragon is confrontational and highly motivated to win. A fine line separates a champion from a sore loser.

The dragon can be seductive and goofy at the same time. And the adventurer in him makes him a fun companion to be with. This comes from a thirst for life.

Fire dragons are full of ideas and quick thinking. The drawback with such personalities is that it can be difficult to settle them down.

Earth dragon (1928, 1988)

The earth dragon has a thirst for knowledge even when the topic is trivial and adds little value to life. They are outstanding talented and destined for great things.

Success tend to be a result of persistence and perseverance rather than being bestowed.

One needs to learn how to relax a little to avoid pushing oneself over the edge. One needs to be very careful with choosing a life partner as it can make or break him/her.

Metal dragon (1940, 2000)

The metal dragon is addicted to luxuries and never misses an opportunity to pamper himself or herself. Because of this they can be truly disturbed when they see someone possessing something which they don’t have.

When making tough decisions, one would have no problem screwing someone else to benefit himself.

While they are natural leaders, their moral compass would determine where their natural talents lead them.

Learning to be more tactful instead of blunt, and flexible rather than rigid, can help the metal dragon attain greatness.

Water dragon (1952, 2012)

The water dragon is honorable and holds himself with utmost integrity. However, they can be stubborn to the core and refuse to admit defeat even when presented with facts.

With a naturally benevolent character, they can often capture the hearts of people. It won’t be a surprise to find them very active in charitable causes, and even in religious and spiritual groups.

They will only be able realize their full potential after finding a life partner that compliments them.

Fortune in Chinese zodiac years

Even as a celestial creature, the dragon will encounter ups and downs during the years of other zodiac animals.

No one is ever on an upward trajectory that never comes down.

Dragon in rat year

The dragon is friends with the rat. This makes it a year of comfort.

Life will be enjoyable with friends, family and romance.

People around you will appreciate you not just for the good that you have done, but also for just being yourself.

The drawback is that on the back off all these flattery, ones might be vulnerable to voluntarily and involuntary expenses.

Dragon in ox year

Luck will not be on the side of the majestic dragon this year. So don’t make big decisions thinking that your luck would be enough to pull you through.

In the face of a challenging period, the dragon will be well advised to keep a low profile and stay low for the time being.

Dragon in tiger year

These two beings are partners in feng shui and they will share a year of general good fortune.

This also means that the biggest success for the year might involve a tiger, a sidekick, an assistant, a mentor, the spouse, etc.

Be careful with flaunting wealth and success as tigers can strike when they are moody.
Dragon in rabbit year

No matter what the dragon do or what endeavors are undertaken, it might turn out fruitless.

Don’t let failure rule you. It is better to learn from mistakes.

Dragon in dragon year

Being in his own year does not necessarily mean that it would be a good time period by default.

In fact, this is a year in which it can swing either way for the dragon.

While opportunities aplenty will appear, they will be filled with challenging obstacles to overcome.

It will be a year where the dragon proves himself to be a winner against all odds or a loser that crumbles under pressure.

Dragon in snake year

The meeting of the serpents will bring about opportunities that come about due to mistakes made by others as their attention is on the snake.

But even though the snake and dragon are on friendly terms, the former holds the power for the moment.

This means that one should avoid offending others either from actions or words.

Dragon in horse year

Business and career seem to run smoothly and the dragon finds time to indulge in activities outside of work.

It is a good time during the horse year to get a more rounded array of life experiences.

Dragon in goat year

A good year to display your creativity or develop creative skills.

Those who never think of themselves as creative might find a hidden talent that they haven’t realized.

Be willing to let go of past failings and allow the new to enter your life.

Dragon in monkey year

Decisions that appear to be home runs in the past might be questioned this year.

It can be a trying time for dragons to convince others and himself of whether he was right after all.

Think hard before reversing past decisions as you might be right and problems might just be a temporary hiccup.

A good year of romance luck.

Dragon in rooster year

This is generally a good year in finances. Everything will be rolling on nicely in this aspect.

One might start to see cracks in romantic relationships and consider ending them.

Dragon in dog year

Relationship issues will dominate this year.

And all aspects of life will be affected by the emotional turmoil that the dragon has to contend with.

Be mindful of the grand duke of jupiter.

Dragon in pig year

A year of success and recognition ensues.

It could also be a period where one builds a large and loyal following due to his achievements.

It might be tempting to take advantage of others at this point, but be mindful that others might be baiting you to make a mistake and exploit it.

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