Snake Zodiac (1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013)

In Chinese culture, the snake is a symbol of wisdom, beauty and grace. Even so it is also associated with laziness and treachery.

Snakes were object of worship from ancient Chinese history. And even today, they can sometimes be found in temples as residents.

The most famous snake in Chinese folklore is in one of the recognized classic novels White Snake (白蛇传) where the heroine was a snake that transformed into a beautiful lady. This story has been reenacted into several films.

In traditional chinese medicine, snake liver is still in high demand today for it’s medicinal properties.

The snake hours are from 0900 to 1100. This zodiac is linked to the Qian (乾) hexagram, and the Sun trigram.

The earthly branch is Si (巳) which can be translate to mean stop.

The element is yin fire (陰火) but have yang attributes contained within. This means that it takes on a yin role with regards to it’s interactions with other zodiac branches, but displays yang attributes when alone.

It is associated with the early period of summer in the months of May and June.

With regards to body parts, Si can refer to the small intestine and spleen.

And it’s direction on the compass is southeast at 142.5° – 157.5°.

It is the sixth in the sequence of 12 zodiacs, fundamentally associated with fire element, and related to spring season and the month of May.


Stylish, sexy, theoretical, considerate, good-natured.


Pessimistic, scheming, hubristic, ungracious in defeat.


The snake is an enigmatic sign that is difficult put your finger on.

More often than not, people born in the year of the snake turn out being eloquent and having a certain flair about them.

They fall asleep over mundane tasks and require variety in life to be happy.

They tend to have short attention spans. So don’t be surprised if one walks away from a conversation because you are perceived as too boring.

A great judge of people, they often spend time evaluating what is a person’s real intentions as casual conversation just seem too simple to explain why someone want to chat with them.

Often wise and loves to take position on high moral ground.

Overall, they can make great friends. However, being on the wrong side of them can be punishing.

Love life

Because a snake prides himself as independent, only a person with a high tolerance threshold would be able to maintain a relationship.

This is because snakes often have the mindset that relationships are what they want, not what they need.

The irony is that their seductive qualities tend to attract suitors.

Relationships with others

Compatible romance partners are the Ox and Rooster.

They have a high compatibility as friends with Dragon, Goat, Rabbit, Rat, and Dog.

Incompatible matches include the Tiger and Pig.


The best characteristic of snakes in terms of career is patience.

Snakes tend to be perfectly fine to wait for their turn or the opportunity to get ahead.

While others might take pro-active action, they are more than willing to wait.

They are also very organized and independent. Making them great candidates to take on projects and tasks that require them to work alone.

5 Elemental Snakes

The wood snake (1965) tend to be attractive either in appearance or personality. However, his insecurity often guides the decisions he makes in life. They can sometimes be loners.

The fire snake (1977) is a force to be reckoned with and has a powerful personality to match. Ambition feeds the snake as he find every opportunity to inch ahead. Often even making friends for long term financial gains. A high tendency to be self-centered.

The earth snake (1989) is determined and a subscriber to the notion that success takes hard work to achieve. While he is opinionated, he is not one to voice out so as not to rock the boat. With luck on his side in career and business, there’s a good chance that he would be highly involved in real estate.

The metal snake (1941, 2001) is gifted but a lack of focus will be his downfall. A lack of social skills might push people who can help him in life away. However, they tend to make very good friends to confide in.

The water snake (1953, 2013) is smart yet pragmatic. He has an outlier nature but this can sometimes be perceived as being an outcast. They are quietly ambitious and tend to prefer hanging out with intellects of the same level.

Fortune in Chinese zodiac years

Snakes are benign most of the time, but can strike quickly when disturbed. This can be reflected in the zodiac years a snake goes through.

Snake in rat year

A year of changes that might be a result of external forces that the snake has no control over.

Frustration and stress ensues as the slithering snake needs to twist and turn to navigate through the year.

Finding time to settle down and take a break seem like a luxury.

Snake in ox year

While money luck would improve from the previous year, the slow pace of recovery can give you cause for concern.

Patience is the key as one will make incremental progress towards career goals.

Snake in tiger year

Another year of slow progression.

It is advisable to go with the flow rather than disturb the balance.

Bad behavior will be exposed. So snakes should be careful with what they do and avoid going against socially acceptable culture.

Snake in rabbit year

The snake will find this a comfortable year, especially when compared to previous years.

Career prospects are looking up and money is flowing steadily into his bank account.

The desire to try diverse experiences will lead the snake to find more time to enjoy the pleasures of life.

It’s a good time to travel and see the world.

Snake in dragon year

While other zodiacs struggle to contend with the celestial presence of the dragon, the snake will be spared the carnage from his serpent friend.

This is a time to stay low and avoid drawing attention to yourself.

Others might pull you into their troubles if they realize that you are relatively stress-free.

Snake in snake year

Opportunities will flow throughout the year.

But these are not opportunities for windfalls. They require commitment and hard work to realize.

Snakes must be ready knuckle-down to take advantage of them.

It might also be a time where certain past events finally find some closure. Be ready to let go and move on.

Snake in horse year

The snake has to be extra cautious this year as he would find that changes are taking place.

In order to stay relevant, he has to make changes or get left behind.

This could be a motivation to make bold decisions. But it is not a good year to invest on intuition.

Any sign of uncertainty in investments should be a sign to run.

Snake in goat year

The snake will appear to be a easy target for those trying to make a quick buck.

Be careful with friends, colleagues, even a romantic partner who try to borrow money. The odds are that they will not return them.

The worst part is that they might be too ashamed to see your again.

So you stand to lose them if you decide to “help” them.

Snake in monkey year

It would be a messy year with all sorts of craziness going on all around you.

The snake has to stay focused as there will be one-in-a-lifetime opportunities among the chaos.

However, when unsure, it is better to stay on the sidelines than to get involved in things that you don’t fully understand.

Snake in rooster year

Although we see snakes devouring poultry often in documentaries, they are on friendly terms with the rooster in the Chinese zodiac.

Luck will generally turn for the better.

Long term plans show real signs of positive progress while people around you will offer help without needing to ask.

It could also be a lucky year for romance.

Snake in dog year

This is going to be a busy year for the snake.

But this would be due to the work needed after getting involved in great financial opportunities.

Just don’t get too absorbed in work and neglect your loved ones.

Snake in pig year

The snake will find that he has never had so much control over life matters and might feel an air of invincibility.

However, be careful of arrogance as people around you start to find ways to take advantage of your success.

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