An Academic Star Indicates Scholastic Brilliance

While one doesn’t necessarily require documented proof to be smart and intelligent, these things play a crucial role in recognition and employment especially in the capacity of civil servants.

Some people go about life with an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

And many of these people have academic qualifications and professional certificates to validate their intelligence and knowledge.

It would be no surprise at all to find intellects, scholars and brilliant minds with the academic star in their 8 characters.

The academic star is described as wen chang (文昌) in mandarin and is a term that generally used in various aspects of academic and studious luck.

Those who possess this special star as a favorable character tend to be intuitively smart, hardworking, and an innate ability of comprehension. They have a natural talent to turn things around, and have the wit to complement that gift. They can also often be withdrawn, preferring to read or play games at home rather than having a night out to socialize.

However, an overwhelming presence of it (many academic stars) can result in someone being too smart for his own good. Or one that spends too much time chasing academic achievements rather than applying the knowledge learnt from studies to make a significant contribution to society.

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A person with more than two academic stars would tend to suffer from a lack of relationship luck… unless he or she also has a flower of romance or peach blossom star.

Where is the academic star

To determine whether one has an academic star, it is necessary to take reference from the self-element (daymaster).

Once the heavenly stem on the day pillar is identified, then following table would show which earthly branch represents the star of academics.

Day stem (self-element
Academic Star
H1 E6
H2 E7
H3 E9
H4 E10
H5 E9
H6 E10
H7 E12
H8 E1
H9 E3
H10 E4

Legend of symbols can be found here.

It must be said that the absence of this star in bazi does not mean that one would not be able to achieve scholastic excellence in life. It just means that they might not receive recognition for their academic achievements as easily.

Other than the benefits mentioned earlier, someone who has it in their 4 pillars would enjoy more recognition luck like accolades for their success with academic studies.

In their field of expertise, they are very likely to be highly respected within their circles.

They would achieve a lot of success in areas of teaching, research and science.

Do realize that someone with a whole closet of academic certificates does not necessarily make him an intellect or a genius.

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