How Serious Is The Bullfight Sha And How To Resolve It

If you have become a learner of feng shui, you’d surely have come across flying stars feng shui or would eventually arrive at it in time.

Flying stars is one of the most widely practiced and recognized concept of feng shui in modern times. This is in part due to the most prominent feng shui masters openly advocating and commercializing it.

While it is just a subset of Xuan Kong (玄空), which in turn is a category of San Yuan (三元), flying stars is known to be one of the most potent conceptual theories that brings fast results.

And at the heart of it lies the 81 combinations of the 9 roving stars which supposedly is a reference to the Ursa Major.

As one would expect, star combinations can generally take on a positive and negative form.

And when a specific star combination has it’s own name, it is definitely not one to take lightly.

One of which is the bull fight sha (斗牛煞).

What is the bullfight sha

The bullfight sha is basically a reference to the star combination between the 2 black and 3 jade. This can be in the form of a 2-3 or 3-2 arrangement.

The black star 2 is generally known as a negative star associated with sickness. While the jade star 3 is also generally an unfavorable star linked to conflicts.

In addition, star 2 is of earth element and star 3 is of wood element. This is a fundamentally conflicting relationship between the pair as wood destroys earth.

All these conditions lead to the overwhelmingly bad configuration of energy that brings bad luck to residents in the household.

The reference to the bull comes from the trigram Kun which is represented by star 2. One of it’s symbols during ancients was a bull. The Chen trigram represented by star 3 is Chen which carries the symbolism of thunder. The meeting of these 2 which are aggressive by nature indicates that confrontations would lead to loss from all parties.

It must be mentioned at this point that in feng shui, nothing is always good or bad. And that under certain circumstances a 2-3 can be conducive for a homeowner’s personal goals. But in general, the bull fight sha is frown upon by all practitioners.

As the name suggest, when a living space is afflicted by this star combination, it can lead to very serious conflicts when left unattended to.

When it is present in the master bedroom, married couples can get into arguments with the worst case scenario being divorce. When it is present in the living room, it can lead to serious conflicts between family members with the most vulnerable participants being the matriarch, patriarch and eldest son. When the bullfighting sha is present in the office, it can lead to loss from “robbery”, tussles between team mates and colleagues, and even lead to legal problems.

These are just a peek into the potential troubles caused by this star combination.

As you can see, the bull fight killing energy is not something to ignore or ride through.

Bullfight sha remedy

The most basic form of remedy for this negative star combination is with fire energy.

This can be done by occasionally placing a lighted candle in the afflicted space. Just make sure there is an adult in the space when implementing this cure as a preventive measure against fire hazard risks.

This is because fire is the harmonizing element that promotes a peaceful mediation between wood and earth.

In the place of actual fire, alternatives are red or purple furniture such as using a red sofa, pink wallpapers, purple curtains, etc.

However, many feng shui masters do encourage a more comprehensive approach with the presence of not just fire but also with metal and water as well.

The reason being that all 5 elements would be present in the space, creating a continuous flow of energy with no bottle necks. This presence the built-up of energy from both the star 2 and 3 that can explode at any time.

Confrontations between people under stress can be alleviated when the victims always have an outlet to vent their anger and frustrations, instead of at each other.

In more traditional feng shui, flower pots or vases can be placed in the area. This is because the mandarin word for vase if ping (平) which also means peace. This is supposed to call peace between the fighting dynamics brought about by the two elements.

To further calm down the aggressive energy, the vase can be filled with still water. This is a common remedy for resolving conflicts.

Feng shui experts can sometimes also introduce the star 8 into the picture to turn negative into positive. This is because 2 with 8 forms an auspicious sum of 10. And 3 with 8 creates the hetu combination. But beginners should not attempt this if they are unsure of what they are doing.

Annual stars

The bull fight sha configuration can also be erected from the entry of annual stars into certain areas of the house.

This can be from the annual stars 2 or 3 flying into home sectors with 3 or 2 present as either water or mountain stars. However, how badly a residence is afflicted depends on various factors including whether the afflicted facing and sitting stars are active at all.

The most potent way annual stars can ignite bullfights is when the stars 2 or 3 entering into the Kun or Chen trigram areas of southwest and East.

This is scheduled to occur in 2021 when the annual flying star 3 enters the southwest.

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So if your main door, living room, kitchen or bedroom is located in the southwest in 2021, be prepared to face a year of turmoil unless remedies are put in place to help you tide the year out with minimal adversity.

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