Calling For Peace With Neighbors With Yin Water

Unless our bank accounts are bulging with cash, we seldom get to choose who out neighbors are.

While we pretty much have a choice for which neighborhood to live in, it’s really a hit or miss with neighboring households.

Either you strike gold with a neighbor next door who bring you donuts and strawberries every other day, or strike a match with neighbors who just seem out to make the lives of other households as stressful as possible.

Some might feel that kids next door banging on a shared wall is cute. But tell that to someone who works the night shift and sleeps in the day.

Some might feel that a noisy family opposite adds a sense of festivities to the surroundings. That is until you find yourself unable to sleep from the parties after regular hours.

Some might feel that these nothing to worry about as the neighbor is an old couple who don’t cause any disturbances. That is until they decide to rent out the house to obnoxious tenants for passive rental income.

The opposite house might seem beautiful in the eye. Until you realize on closer inspection that there is a hostile bagua mirror pointing right at your main door!

That point I’m trying to make is that conflicts, noise pollution, quarrels, and basically bad vibes can sometimes come from the source of a neighbor.

And a feng shui cure is the old-fashioned yin water pond.

This is basically a container to hold still water. The container can be a basin, large bowl or a huge flower pot, etc.

What’s important is that the larger the water surface area, the more potent the yin water is, and the more effective it is able to act as a feng shui remedy to tense energy disturbing the peace.

Still water (yin water) is used in this instance instead of moving water (yang water) because what we are calling for is for more yin energy which would bring calmness and a more quite environment.

This means that a bubbling water feature is not going to do the trick.

Once you have prepared your container and filled it to the brim with water, place a floating plant such as a lotus in it to add a little life force to it. Putting a few small fishes in can also do the trick.

When this is not possible, some feng shui masters recommend using tea light floating candles as an alternative.

That is all you have to do for the setup. Your feng shui peace messenger is ready.

Place it between the source of the disturbance and your house.

This means places like a shared wall, neat the front fence or hedges at the back yard.

This yin water feature should be able to “hold” the bad energies of conflict and slowly allow it to dissipate into the environment.

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You can now start looking forward to more peace and quite when relaxing at home.

Remember that the stronger the sha chi, counters requires a stronger presence. So if you deem that the bad energy is above average in potency don’t think twice about using more than one yin water feature or using a container with a much larger surface area.

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