What The Golden Pothos (Money Plant) Is Primarily Used For In Feng Shui

The golden pothos (黄金葛) is an unmistakable green plant with it’s unique features of climbing vines and wide plump leaves.

It’s scientific name is epipremnum aureum. But goes with a lot of names and aliases including devil’s ivy, hunter’s robe, and the best known nickname which is the money plant.

This is a plant that is incredibly resilient and is known to be able to survive under even the harshest of conditions.

And in order to thrive, it is known to climb up walls, roofs and other plants aided by it’s vines to capture more sunlight and rain.

Yet it is documented to be able to comfortably survive even in dark places with little light.

On top of that, horticulture enthusiasts have often found that golden pothos can resurrect even with just a tiny stem.

The nickname of Devil’s Ivy come from it’s tendency to climb up other tree trunks so as to capture more sunlight, essentially covering huge portions of the surface area. This can potentially cause trees to die as they can no longer get enough light to feed themselves.

The pet name of Money Plant actually comes from it’s round, wide and fleshy leaves resemble coins from certain angles.

And as you can expect, from a name as attention-seeking as money plant, you’d bet that feng shui would swoop in to make good use of it to call on wealth energy at home.

The truth is actually… not as straight forward as that…

Money plant uses in feng shui

The placement of golden pathos in feng shui is not for attracting wealth luck or good fortune.

They are often suggested for balconies with the purpose of creating a green flowering wall of plants so as to act as a visual shield for protection against sha chi originating from hostile structures in the external environment.

The same can be said of bay window views with bad feng shui predicaments.

Since this plant does not flower, the flowers come from the other plants such as magnolias that also make up part of that defensive wall.

Because of their ability to adapt to challenging environments, they are also often recommended as indoor plants when plants are required inside the house.

In small gardens, their characteristics make them a great option to use for erecting a green dragon on the left.

They are also often used to circle around protruding beams so as to effectively hide the beams. This is possible as their vines can easily be managed to grow in the direction you desire.

Just remember that it is not ideal to have fake plastic money plants in the house.

This plant can also help homeowners identify sectors at home with sha chi.

Because of it’s ability to survive under adverse conditions, if you are to put one in a particular area of the house and it mysteriously dies, then it is a clear sign that this area has killing energy.

One might therefore want to take more serious precautions to manage the energy in that space.

But in feng shui, the golden pothos is almost always used for one primary purpose.

And that is for placement in the bathroom.

In any bathroom with any types of feng shui problem that cannot be effectively solved creatively, the last resort is to place a pot of golden pothos and shine a spotlight on it.

They are most commonly placed in a pot on top of the toilet tank or hung from the ceiling.

This technique is known to be able to resolve a toilet’s negative energies.

Take note that when placed on top of the toilet tank, it must not have a domineering size with drooping leaves and vines that cover the tank like a horse’s unkempt hair. Such forms can be considered as “weeping”.

This can often happen when they are not being taken care of. Which people are prone to due to the minimal maintenance owners need to do.

Some common wash room problems are having it’s door directly face a stove, having the toilet door facing and cutting across a bed, opening the main door of the house and looking straight into the toilet, etc.

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There are various ways to remedy the above mentioned feng shui ailments.

But when all possible solutions cannot be undertaken for one reason or another, the best that a homeowner can do is to minimize the negative energy from the afflicted toilet by adding the presence of the golden pothos.

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