The Various Taboos Of Wearing Apparel

In every ancient culture, various forms deeply embedded culture and superstition dictate actions and behavior.

Some of them concerns the clothing you wear and accessories your decorate yourself with.

And not surprisingly, the Chinese have various apparel taboo that carries strong symbolism and negative connotations. Even different dynasties have their own unique cultures and superstions that guides them on how not to wear their clothing.

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Here are just some of the best known ones.

Firstly, the most common question people have about clothing in feng shui is what colors to wear. In a cultural sense, yellow and purple are colors of royalty and can only be worn by the elite few with ties to the imperial family.

Red are generally known today as auspiciousness and festivities. In the past, they are tied to slavery as slaves during the Qing dynasty wore red and white clothing. When black is paired with white, it symbolizes events of grieving as these are the colors that mourning family members wear at a funeral procession  of a loved one. Blue and green are colors of rebels and vice activities.

It must be added that the information above are not feng shui related, but culture related.

When favorable or unfavorable colors are used in feng shui and bazi, an expert can provide advise very different from the above.

Then there is the indulgence of people to wear symbols and Chinese characters on their robes, shirts and pants.

These are usually meant to convey the symbolism of the image sewn or embroidered on the clothing. Some popular symbols include peonies, magpies, double happiness, etc.

Another infamous apparel taboo is the wearing of a green hat. This is meant to represent the wife of a husband having an affair with someone else. This is why Chinese people also laugh when seeing someone wear a green hat.

Hats that are tilted on the head points to a good-for-nothing person with a shady character and agenda. So don’t do that in your next interview.

In some areas of China, it is strongly believe that a woman should never wear a dress inside out or reversed. Even though most people associate this as a good omen, it is considered a sign of a woman remarrying in parts of central China.

Unbuttoned shirts or incorrectly buttoned shirts indicate that a person has secrets that cannot see the light of day.

An amusing superstition concerns women wearing loose shoes as being alcoholic!

At temples and other place of worship, it is taboo to wear loose oversized clothing as it is considered offending to the gods.

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