Gardenia Flower Symbolism In Feng Shui

The gardenia plant is a shrub tree plant that sprouts amazingly white flowers.

The flower petals resemble the texture of snow and the natural brilliant while of it’s flowers is possibly as white as it can get among all species of plants.

With a yellowish stamen, observers can often mistake it as the narcissus. But their differences should be clear as day when placed side with side with each other.

For gardeners, gardenia is generally known as a plant that is difficult to care for. Some never ever see them bloom even after years of taking care of them.

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Gardenia flower is the flower that represents the eleventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar. And you don’t get recognized for such stature unless there’s something about you.

The symbolism of the gardenia tree plant is mostly attributed to it’s flowers.

They are associated with beauty and are meant to bring the luck of attracting suitors. This is the case especially for parents who are eager for their daughters to meet a life partner and get married.

This makes the gardenia very similar with the peony in terms of symbolism, but without the excessive sensual and seductive nature of peonies.

This puts it somewhat on par with magnolias in terms of symbolism.

Gardenia plant parts are also commonly used in TCM to treat various symptoms of basic illnesses.

The gardenia is not a popular choice of homeowners who desires to bring feng shui symbolism into the home space. But when they are selected, they are generally placed in common areas such as the living room.

The flower tend to enjoy better prominence in the office space as it’s often put on display as decorative art to spruce up a mundane workplace.

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