Four Separating Days

The four separating days is known as si li ri (四離日) in mandarin.

These days consist of Qi that is “leaving”. And therefore, they are stale, empty, and on the retreat.

This is because the essence of the Qi has already been depleted by the period which is now in transition.

For this reason, they can also be called the four leaving days or four departure days.

While these days are not exactly categorized as inauspicious, they cannot be termed as auspicious as well.

Scheduling any important activities on these days.

However, they can be appropriate for activities where it is meant to mark the end of something.

These 4 separating days are:

  • Spring equinox (春分)
  • Summer solstice (夏至)
  • Autumn equinox (秋分)
  • Winter solstice (冬至)

The good part for practitioners is that there is no need for calculations to determine these dates.

They are pretty much set in stone.

The dates are:

  • March 20
  • June 20
  • September 22
  • December 21

So mark these dates on your calendar and avoid holding important events on them.

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