How To Borrow Wealth Water From All Directions For Money Luck

When you want to borrow wealth energy from someone who has it in abundance, there are no other parties that have more of that than the banks.

Financial institutions like banks work with money, deal with money, trade with money, profit with money, and use money to make more money.

They are essentially swimming in money energy. And probably wouldn’t mind at all if some of their patrons want to steal borrow some of that money energy to energize their wealth luck at home.

After all, they are known to care for their customers. Caring in a metaphysical way is truly going beyond what is expected of them. Their PR department would probably welcome being seen in such a positive manner by their patrons.

And the richer their customers get, the more business they get.

What we are particularly interested in is the wealth water (财水) from banks.

This is a simple ritual which you can do to borrow and capture the overflowing cash energy from banks. Then bring it home to harvest it yourself.

In particular, you would be calling on the power for the 5 gods of wealth (五路财神) with this method.

Step 1

Use a compass on the house to identify the cardinal directions of north, south, east and west.

Step 2

Using a map, identify 4 different banks located in the 4 different directions from the perspective of the house.

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The closer the proximity of the bank to the residence, the better.

Step 3

Now you have identified the banks to target.

On the first or fifteenth day of the lunar month, go visit them and find a legal way to take some of the water in the premises.

These two days are best. But if you just can’t fit the activities into your personal schedule, then just do them on any day. Just note that the two particular days will have the most potent wealth energy water.

It will be up to your creativity on how to convince a staff to willingly offer you some water.

Sometimes, they have water dispensers for customers to drink. Sometimes, they offer bottled water when you sign up for an account. And sometimes a banking staff might have a personal water bottle filled with wealth water.

It really is up to you to conceive a plan to “borrow” some of that wealth water. Bring your own bottle if you have to.

Just a reminder that you are responsible for your own actions.

Step 4

With the 4 different bottles of wealth water from the 4 different directions, you now have wealth water from 4 elements of water, fire, wood and metal.

To complete the picture, you need one bottle of earth.

This final bottle will be a bottle of water from your own house.

Step 5

The 5 bottles of wealth water should either be placed behind the main door to draw in wealth luck, or in a closed cabinet at the wealth corner of the house.

Step 6

To increase the power and potency of this ritual to call in the 5 gods of wealth luck, the water should be replaced 3 times.

For example, you can collect the water on the first day of the lunar month, then get new water on the 15th, and then change again on the first day next month.

Working with wealth water

When disposing the water to refill with fresh wealth water, the water should be poured into the sink in the kitchen because the kitchen is the place traditionally associated with accumulating wealth.

Never dispose the water in the toilet. That would be like flushing your finances down into the sewers.

Also be mindful that using see-through bottles to contain the wealth water is not ideal.

Amber glass bottles would be much better than typical plastic bottles meant for mineral water. Those that are not transparent are even better.

Finally, this is supposed to be a fun affair.

Don’t stress yourself conceptualizing a scheme to obtain water from the banks.

As long as you are polite, asking for them can very well be good enough.

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