Symbolism Of Grapes And Grapevines

Grapes are the fruit that grow from grapevines that sprout from the grape tree.

They can be found in a variety of colors including purple, green, red yellow and even black. And should not be confused with grapefruit.

The fruit itself can sometimes be used as a representation of autumn season.

Like melons, the symbolism of grapes are associated with fertility and descendants luck. Which is why they can sometimes be found in fruit baskets presented to newlyweds as gifts.

It can also be used as a symbol for longevity because the Chinese word for grape is tao (萄) which is a homonym for peach (桃).

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The linkage to longevity is reinforced when a squirrel is depicted with grapes or grapevines. This is due to the word for squirrel is song (松), the same as the word for pine tree.

When illustrated with livestock that contain chickens, it conveys the meaning of abundant harvest for the farm.

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