The Symbolism Of Peach Fruits In Feng Shui

When we mention peaches in feng shui, it is almost certain that the first thing that comes to mind is the romance luck that comes with peach blossoms.

This is a big reason why a lot of people are amused when they learn about the different aspects of life between peach blossoms and peach fruit can be as contrasting as a lion and an elephant.

While peach blossoms help enhance someone’s relationship luck, the peach fruit is held in high esteem for it’s connotations with longevity.

This has earned it the nickname of the longevity peach or the peach of immortality (幡挑).

As such, it is regarded as respectful when it is offered as gifts on birthdays or on any occasions. Especially when the recipient is an elderly.

Legend of the peach fruit

In Chinese mythology, it is said that the Queen Mother of the West grows 3,600 peach trees in her garden at mount Kun Lun.

Some tress have fruits that ripen every 3,000 year. Some take 6,000 years. While the ones that are the most treasured takes 9,000 years.

Anyone who consumes the 3,000-years fruits will become immortal. And will be in the process to attain enlightenment. When the 6,000-years peaches are eaten, one attains immortality. And when the 9,000-years peach fruit is eaten, one will live for as long as there is time in the universe.

While I doubt Wolverine gained his powers from consuming peaches, the legend of the 8 immortals described them attaining their immortal status by eating the pinkish colored fruits. He Xian Gu in particular is often depicted with this fruit in hand. So is the god of longevity from the fu lu shou trio.

On top of that, the infamous classic stories of the Monkey God tells of his adventures. One of which was how he became immortal by gate-crashing the peach garden to feast on the juicy fruits.

This event is still, to this day, often depicted in paintings of the Monkey God plucking and eating peaches.

Another popular depiction of peaches is with an immortal holding one of the fruit in hand. As if he cannot wait to reward his taste buds with the pleasure of the fruit’s sweetness.

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If a painting has a man running away with a peach in hand, it is about the folkore story of Dong Fang Shou (東方朔) who supposedly lived to 18,000 year after stealing and consuming peaches of longevity.

Then there is the painting often found in oriental homes of bats with peaches. Signifying better luck and longer life.

When illustrated with pomegranate and citron lemon, it is a representation of the 3 abundances in Chinese culture consisting of longevity, progeny and blessings.

When it’s with pomegranate and apple, it means peace, longevity and fertility.

With peony flowers, it signifies money and status for a long time.

Paired with stones, rocks or boulders, it would be a reference to the longevity stone.

In Taoism and superstition, peach wood is believed to be an able counter against evil. This is why the material is often used to carve out protective amulets, swords, swords, and even seals as a deterrence against the forces of evil.

To further emphasize this point, the great Chinese novel Creation of the Gods (封神演义) tell of the event where a peach wood sword was carefully placed so as to protect the king from the seductive advances of the thousand-year-old fox spirit.

There is also a cultural practice where two pieces of peach wood with the names Shen Tu (神荼) and Yu Lei (郁垒) carved on them. Each piece bearing a name of the door gods. This is used in exorcism.

The story behind this is that a magnificent peach tree stood at the foot of Mount Su where a door to the underworld was located at the northern area of the tree. Shen Tu and Yu Lei were the two guardians of the door and punished ghosts who committed evil acts.

Ancient magic love spells cast by taoist were also rumored to be most potent when peach wood was used.

Peach fruits in feng shui

As you can tell, there are various symbolism with peach fruits in Chinese culture.

It is probably the fruit with the most multi-tiered positive connotations.

However in feng shui, it is primarily meant to represent wishes for longevity and good health.

To a lesser extent it is also sometimes called for it’s powers in attracting marriage luck. This is because of it’s natural relation to the peach blossom.

While the plum blossom is said to be the flower of spring, the peach is considered as the fruit of spring. Together they symbolize friendship, especially the scholarly kind.

This is because this is the period of the year when peach trees bear fruit.

All these means that the placement of peaches in the house from a feng shui perspective can be looked at from two angles.

One from a longevity standpoint, and one from a marriage perspective.

When good health is the objective, it can be placed in home sectors where there is a favorable mountain star according to flying star feng shui such as the stars 1 and 8.

In certain circumstances, it can also be used as an effective item to dissolve the sickness and misfortune stars of 2 black and 5 yellow.

Peaches for longevity can also be place in the Tien Yi section of a house according to 8 mansions feng shui or any of the health locations.

When the display of peaches are meant for marriage luck, it can be placed in the bedroom of those who are the targets of eager parents.

In flying stars feng shui, the location of the water star 4 can also be a good place to display peaches to enhance romance luck in the house.

Saying that, I again emphasize the main uses of peach fruits in feng shui is for longevity.

If you are seeking relationship partners, there are various other ways to call upon romance luck as explained here.

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