Why A View With Water Tanks Is Bad Feng Shui

Water tanks are part and parcel of life in the age of modern architecture.

They make so much sense and play an important role in improving the quality of living in a building.

However, their designs are generally considered bad feng shui when they come in view.

Modern water tanks planted on the top of buildings are usually cylindrical in shape. They are also sometimes come in rectangular forms.

A common feng shui problem of high-rise apartment homes are that they have a view from the living room, balcony, or bedroom that includes looking directly at water tanks on top of the opposite building or other buildings in the vicinity.

This is a very common feng shui problem that is linked to bad health for the household.

The feng shui logic is that the appearance of water tanks, especially the cylindrical ones, resemble the bottles used for storing medicine. And with these “medicine bottles” filling up your view of the living room would invite sickness into the household. The same can be said of water towers.

The rectangular ones are often described by feng shui masters as resembling coffins.

If these water tanks are in view from the bedroom, the occupant of that particular room would be affected. If they are in view of the kitchen, then the matriarch bears the bulk of the burden. If it is in view from the balcony, then career prospects would be heading towards death. If it’s at the rear balcony, children’s health would be affected. Water tank views from the living room affect all members of the family, with the patriarch shouldering the biggest affliction.

So how do you resolve these issues when so many apartment units on high floors face this problem?

The first thing you must take note of is whether you are indeed suffering from such feng shui afflictions related to bad health.

If you have a wide window facing water tanks and do not suffer from these adverse feng shui effects, the odds are that you have remedied the problem unknowingly by the configuration of furniture and fixtures in the house.

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This could be due to a strongly enhanced Tian Yi sector, a powerful mountain star that is active, or the energy map of the house can withstand the detrimental forces, etc.

The proximity to these tanks should also be of consideration.

For example, if you are on the 48th floor and the water tanks in view are on the 4th floor of the opposite building, then the affliction is minor and usually negligible.

If you currently have this water tank view problem and suffering from health conditions that arisen after moving in, then it is very possible that this particular feng shui affliction is the nasty culprit.

In this case, the window view has to be addressed by using stickers, setting up plants, or installing wind chimes, etc.

These are discussed in more detail here.

And if you are viewing properties for purchase, it is best to avoid these types of houses when these water tank views are permanent views that you have to live with for as long as you are a resident of the property.

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