Why Doves Is A Symbol Of Relationship Longevity

The white dove bird is an international symbol of peace and harmony.

They pair up as partners of life like the mandarin duck and goose, and both male and female takes turns in taking care of their offspring.

This is a display of the traits of faithfulness and filial piety.

This plays a part in it having the symbolism of fidelity and longevity in Chinese culture. The book of odes (詩經) has mentioned this bird explicitly.

It is also associated with fertility as the “Maiden who sends children” Song Zi Niang Niang (送子娘娘) is sometimes depicted with a dove on her headdress.

Take note that pigeons are the same as doves in Chinese symbolism. They also belong to the same columbidae family of birds.

A pair of doves represents the attributes of longevity, fertility, and faithfulness.

During the Han dynasty, jade scepters bearing a pigeon design on one end were presented to elders for longevity.

When a lady is said to have dove eyes, it is an expression of grace and intelligence.

Despite all these, the dove is probably most well-known in ancient China for the calming cooing sound it makes.

It is said that when the dove sings, the veil that separates the physical and spiritual world opens and closes. This is why it is also a bird that represents inner peace. Making it suitable for display in meditation rooms.

Feng shui

When the white dove is put on display for feng shui reasons, it is most commonly for marital bliss and relationship harmony between couples.

They are thus, always pictured in a pair for paintings or as figurines.

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For this reason, they would be best placed in the southwest as that is where the Kun trigram which represents relationships reside.

They can be useful in maintaining peace within a household, especially when there is already an energy of hostility around the house.

Conflicts between residents can also often arise due to an affliction with the conflict star.

When this is indeed the case, placement of doves at the area where the conflict star is found can also help to keep arguments and quarrels at bay.

Something else to note is that when possible, choose doves that are depicted as calm with wings closed. Open flapping wings denotes nervousness and a lack of balance.

They should also ideally be next to each other instead of facing each other which is a sign of conflict.

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