Are Loft Beds Good Or Bad Feng Shui

With how popular studio apartments, 1 bedroom homes, and tiny houses are getting these days, it’s no surprise to see loft beds growing in demand as well.

For a dwelling without the luxury of space, such furniture that makes the most of available space makes practical sense to have at home.

A loft bed don’t just add usable space by building upwards, it can also be trendy enough not to look out of place in a posh studio in the city.

But is are they good feng shui?

Firstly, it must be made clear that a loft bed is not a bunk bed. The latter is also often known as a double-decker bed and has beds for sleeping on both the lower and upper levels. Loft beds only have a bed at the upper level, with the bottom space area used for other stuff like a sofa, workstation, dining table, wardrobe, etc.

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Also known as mid-sleepers or high-sleepers, loft beds are generally avoided when possible in feng shui.

It’s not because they are bad feng shui, but because they are not good feng shui.

I hope that makes sense to you. Just because you are not fat does not mean that you are fit. Or just because a source of energy is not sha chi does not mean that it is sheng chi.

And they are not good feng shui because of two primary reasons:

  • Sleeping in the air
  • What is underneath?

Sleeping in such an elevated position above the floor means that the energy of the bed is less grounded. This creates an unstable source of energy that affects an inhabitant’s condition, especially when sleeping when he/she is most vulnerable.

The result is lower quality sleep, and one being more susceptible to frequent odd dreams or even nightmares.

Because of very reason to install a loft bed at home is to make use of the space under the sleeping area, it goes without saying that there are going to be other furniture and fixtures in that particular space.

Depending on what the space is used for, some undesirable things found here might be:

When these things are located under the bed area, then they are going to have a negative feng shui impact on the resident. Most probably concerning his/her health.

Consider that in two-level houses, having a kitchen located under the bedroom is already not recommended due to the fire energy “roasting” the occupant above. And this is with a ceiling wall separating the two areas.

A loft bed would have only a bed frame that would either be make of wooden planks or metal mesh to protect the sleeper from below.

If you must place a loft bed at home, then the best way to alleviate any bad feng shui issues is to use the below are for storage instead of other purposes where you would be resting for an extended period of time.

For example, using it as a work area or to situated a washing machine is just not good for the bed area.

And if you have the space to spare, it’s best to go with a regular bed instead.

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